November 28, 2022

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Russia-Ukraine war: Turkey, Sweden and Finland conditions for entry into NATO

ISTANBUL – President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Sweden was urged this Saturday “Stop providing political and financial assistance and weapons to terrorist groups.” The Kurds who spoke with the Prime Minister of the Nordic country who presented his candidacy for NATO.

Erdogan “expects Sweden to take decisive and serious action, which shows that it shares Turkey’s concerns about the PKK terrorist organization. [Partido de los Trabajadores del Kurdistán] And its consequences in Syria and Iraq, “said a statement issued in Ankara following a telephone conversation between the Turkish president and the Swedish prime minister. Magdalena Anderson.

Erdogan also asks Sweden “Deregulation” on arms exports against Turkey in October 2019Following the Turkish military incursions against the PKK in northern Syria and Iraq, Ankara, an organization considered by the United States and the European Union and its YPG allies to be considered terrorists, joined forces with the Islamic Jihadi organization. Condition.

At other times. Finnish President Saul Ninisto (left) shakes hands with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a joint press conference in Ankara (file)Marty Cainuline – Letigua

The Turkish president also spoke with his Finnish president. Sauli NinistoIt also submitted its candidature for NATO membership.

“Understanding that ignores terrorist organizations that pose a threat to an ally within NATO does not apply to the spirit of friendship and alliance.” Turkish President Niinisto said.

The Finnish president described the conversation with Erdogan as “open and direct”, without elaborating on the definitive outcome beyond confirming that “close dialogue continues”.

Ninisto denied any support to the PKK and insisted that his country “Condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.”

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When Erdogan put forward his demands in the hope of achieving specific objectives, the Turkish ruling party Justice and Development (AKP) strengthened the threat by pointing out that the country exists. “Point of no return” and “it will not return” In his position on the entry of two Nordic countries into NATO.

“Turkey is not going to back down. We have reached an irreversible state and will not go back. We have paid a high price for the fight against terrorism: the lives of nearly 40,000 people, “Numan Kurdulmas, vice president of political power, told CNN.

“Sweden, in particular, supports these systems,” Kurtulmus denounced. The President called on the Atlantic Coalition to “clearly assess” Turkey’s “concerns” and to provide “security guarantees” for the relationship between the two countries and the PKK.

The Swedish government, for its part, described Friday’s alleged relationship with the Kurdish party as “misinformation”. “I want to remind you that it was the government of Olof Palmein after the Turkish government that declared the PKK a terrorist organization in 1984.”Chancellor Ann Linde said.

US President Joe Biden (C), Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson (D) and Finnish President Sauli Ninisto meet at the White House
US President Joe Biden (C), Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson (D) and Finnish President Sauli Ninisto meet at the White HouseMandel NGAN – AFP

Turkey is a member of NATO Veto power Against any expansion, many Western leaders urged him to try to change his position.

British Prime Minister, Boris JohnsonHe spoke with Erdogan on the structure of a round of contacts involving the leaders of Sweden and Finland.

Johnson reiterated Russia’s “threat” to European neighbors And stressed that the Scandinavian nations would be a “valuable” addition to the Atlantic Alliance.

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A few days ago, NATO Secretary-General, Jens StoltenbergHe assured that he would maintain contacts with the Turkish authorities to address their “concerns” and try to change their position.

AFP, AP and ANSA agencies