June 19, 2024

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Santiago receives more than 20,000 vaccines to strengthen its campaign against the corona virus

Santiago receives more than 20,000 vaccines to strengthen its campaign against the corona virus

The nation’s Ministry of Health distributed quantities related to the laboratories of Moderna and Pfizer.

Today 08:12

The Ministry of Health of the Nation The portfolio said it had distributed 1,160,300 doses of Covit-19 vaccine and 956,900 and 203,400 pediatric Pfizer vaccines from the Modern Laboratory since Monday. In this framework, the province received a total of 20,220 doses.

Of Moderna’s doses, 15,120 doses came to Santiago del Estero, while Pfizer received a total of 5,100 vaccines.

Distribution in other parts of the country:

Moderna: 502,320 sent to Buenos Aires; 100,100 autonomous cities Buenos Aires; 6,720 to Cadamarca; 10,080 per sub; 57,120 to Cர்டrdoba; 16,800 for Corrientes; 21,840 for Entre Rios; 10,080 for Formosa; 11,760 to Jujuy; 5,040 to La Pampa; 6,720 for La Rioja and 30,240 for Mendoza.

20,160 were also sent on missions; 11,760 for Rio Negro; 21,840 to Salta; 11,760 to San Juan; 8,400 to St. Louis; 5,040 to Santa Cruz; 53,760 to Santa Fe; 3,360 for the Tierra del Fuego and 26,880 for the Tucson.

As for Pfizer doses for children, 81,200 were distributed to Buenos Aires; 8,000 to Sacco; 12,600 autonomous city of Buenos Aires; 1,900 to Catamarca; 2,900 per sub; 16,600 to Crdoba; 5,900 for Corrientes; 6,500 for Entre Rios and 3,500 for Formosa.

In addition, 3,800 were sent to Juju; 1,600 to La Pampa; 1,800 to La Rioja; 9,900 to Mendoza; 7,300 for missions; 3,300 to Newquen; 3,500 to Rio Negro; 3,000 to Salta; 4,200 to San Juan; 2,300 to St. Louis; 1,700 to Santa Cruz; 16,000 for Santa Fe and 800 for the Dierra del Fuego.

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To date, Argentina has distributed 115,196,080 vaccines, of which 110,113,080 have been shipped across the national territory and 5,083,000 have been donated to other countries, according to the General Vaccine Observer.