June 24, 2024

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Scheana Shay deflects Raquel Levis’ Tell-All interview with a scathing diss track

Scheana Shay deflects Raquel Levis’ Tell-All interview with a scathing diss track

Oh, you’d think Scheana Shay and Ariana Madix would let Rachel “Raquel” Levis get the spotlight with her three-part interview with Bethenny Frankel. Not a chance.

Madix has not announced it.”breakup album—New Solo Cocktail Book Titled One AF cocktail– On the same day as Levis The last episode of the podcast It was dropped, but Shay released a real take on her previous opposition Vanderpump Rules co-star (word on the street is that Leavis won’t be returning for season 11 of the Emmy-nominated reality show). release teaapplesunder the name Scheana Marie on August 18th, and one can only say the lyrics are as good as gold.

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Some of the digs from the track include, “Narcissistic Psycho / Cut You Like Lebo,” and “From Ferrari to Jetta / The Thought You Know Best.” If you’re wondering about the song’s name, the chorus of “Apples” includes Shay spelling the title, with the follow-up line, “How do you like ’em?”

Now, any old Vanderpump Rules A fan (and President Joe Biden) knows all about Levis’ seven-month relationship with Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix’s partner of nine years. But if you’ve really been following Scandoval, you’ll know that Shay was also greatly affected by the drama after she fiercely defended Levis from detractors throughout Season 10. Despite her close friendship with Levis, the 38-year-old Bravo later dealt a blow. a temporary restraining order from the 28-year-old contestant over an alleged physical altercation that took place as soon as Shay learned about the matter.

“First of all, betraying two of my best friends, that’s heartbreaking in and of itself, but then to throw all of this on top of it, when I did nothing but take care of her,” Sheena Shay he said through tears during the VPR reunion special, which aired in June. “I gave her a home to live in when she had nowhere to go. I was her sister who never grew up. I did everything for her, and for her to do it for me, it affected me.”

So yeah, those words definitely match her account. “I was with you on your worst day / You stabbed me in the worst way / How would you lie to my face?” Shay sings at the top of the song. “And you said we’d always be friends / Party on the weekend / But then you’re gone without a trace; I thought you were grateful / I found out you were fake, though / I hope there’s room for friends like you.”

Check out the full song here:

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