April 23, 2024

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Scottie Pippen Jr. and Sheriff O’Neill score first buckets as Lakers

Scottie Pippen Jr. and Sheriff O'Neill score first buckets as Lakers

The Lakers opened the NBA Summer League by defeating the Heat in a game that appeared for the first time with players very Familiar family names.

Rookie guard Scottie Pippen Jr. and striker Sheriff O’Neill hit the floor in purple and gold for the first time on Saturday in Los Angeles’ 100-66 win over Miami. NBA Hall of Famers sons Shaquille O’Neal, Scottie Pippen, O’Neal and Pippen Jr. Summer League deals with the popular franchise after neither was selected in last week’s draft.

Talented in Vanderbilt’s first All-SEC team, Pippen started in the backcourt next to fellow rookie Max Christie, the Lakers’ only choice for 2022 (#35). Pepin, from I signed a two-way contract Upon arriving, he showed flashes of his two-way potential in a distinct role; The 21-year-old impressed in the third quarter with a sequence that had him score on the hard drive to the edge before blocking a shot on the other end.