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Season 3 of ‘Picard’ Shows TNG Sendoff, More Starships, Worf’s Makeup, and Other Star Trek Cameos – TrekMovie.com

Season 3 of 'Picard' Shows TNG Sendoff, More Starships, Worf's Makeup, and Other Star Trek Cameos - TrekMovie.com

On Tuesday morning, Paramount + shocked the Star Trek community with the news of it The third season of Star Trek: Picard It will feature the return of the main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. And for the rest of the day, show host Terry Matalas shared the hype on social media, including providing some ideas for the upcoming season.

Matalas on keeping this labor of love a secret, Starships promises ‘abundance’

Executive Producer and Co-showroom for Season 2, Terry Matalas will be the sole model for the third and final season of Picard. Since the announcement, he’s shown unbridled enthusiasm for the season that wrapped production last month. He started talking about how he did Kept this secret for about a year. Many were surprised that the announcement came before the conclusion of season two, but Matalas made it clear that the team didn’t know how long their luck in keeping something of this magnitude would hold.

Matalas also explained that the third season of Piccard is what he would do with Star Trek under his free reign.

Production designer Dave Blass also confirmed that this TNG reunion in Season 3 was something that was possible thanks to Matalas.

Matalas also clarified that this news was not about cameos, and that Season 3 would be a “proper dispatch for the TNG crew, and it has been a ‘love affair for a long time.’” As he promised, “Union ships are plentiful.”

Worf is Worf

Klingons are not tagged in Star Trek: Picard And so when a fan asked if Worf would look more like Discovery-style Klingons, Matalas simply emphasized with “Worf is like Worf.”

He also followed it by saying:Worf looks like Worf. And he’s not happy.

When pressed for details about where he found Season 3 Worf on his arc after the events of Deep Space Nine and Nemesis, Matalas didn’t provide details except to say he worked closely with Michael Dorn on where they thought he would be after the Dominion War. Of course, Dorn has some very specific ideas about Where did it go for Worf after enemy.

The exhibitor also noted that there would be some examination of how the Union would deal after the Dominion War.

Jerry welcomes new players

With Matalas clarifying that the TNG crew aren’t just a cameo for Season 3 and how the season will be a “farewell” for them, it remains to be revealed how the upcoming season will deal with the show’s other characters. The only pointer so far has been a tweet (Matalas also retweeted) from Jerry Ryan (seven) about team TNG’s announcement with the actress saying “Look who came to play for season 3!”

We’re not ready for Beverly and the rest

One of the returning actors is Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher, who has not appeared on Picard and is only indirectly mentioned. In response to a fan, the showrunner promised that we’re “not ready” for what Beverly has in store for us in Season 3.

For her part, McFadden responded to the news (as reported by TrekMovie) by expressing her love for Matalas to make her speak, saying he was “cool” and hopes it’s “cool to watch”.

McFadden also said that season 3 was her favorite space dream, in response to Piccard Writer/producer Christopher Monfit talks about the dream of working with the TNG team, and also says that they bring out their best work, add new layers, and are a good villain too.

As for LeVar Burton’s return, Matalas responded to the actor’s tweet to tease how fans would find out “whatever happened to Jordi Laforge.”

Jonathan Frakes has appeared as Riker before Star Trek: Picard Matalas praised the actor/director for his discretion after a fan pointed out how Frakes responded to the question regarding returning as Riker in his film. TrekMovie interview from last week.

Matalas didn’t have anything specific to say about Brent Spiner or Marina Sirtis, but he retweeted the actress saying “We’re baaaaaaaaack!”

Wheaton answers questions about Wesley

One notable name not included in the ad was Will Wheaton, who played Wesley Crusher on TNG, first as a series regular and then as a recurring character. Wheaton is still participating in New Trek as host of the official Star Trek show after the show Ready room. Wheaton responded to the news in A Share a blog on their website Who said in part…

I’ve been reading the internet, as do you, and seeing a lot of my fellow geeks are just as excited to see TNG together again as I am.

I’ve also seen a lot of people – like, way more than I could ever imagine – expressing their displeasure that Wesley isn’t a part of that.

I share some of your grief, for reasons of my own, but I choose to focus instead on how special it is to see my family again together, and how wonderful it would be to talk to them about this in a ready room.

His blog also included how Wheaton imagined “What would happen if Wesley DID showed up?” By writing a scene with Picard and Traveler Wesley.

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As for Matalas, he answered only one of the questions with “Where is he? This weird traveler.”

Hints in more engraving series

With so much love for TNG, some fans are wondering if the final season might see some familiar faces from other Star Trek shows. The viewer didn’t say for sure, but used a “maybe” GIF indicating the inscription had appeared. In the past, Matalas has hinted that Deep Space Nine will see some love in Season 3.

Behind the scenes of the TNG era reunion

Production designer Dave Blass also revealed that several veterans next generation Era was working on both the second season and the third season of Piccard.

When a fan followed up by asking about bringing back some TNG writers, Blass confirmed that fans are in good hands with Matalas and his writing team.

New episodes of star Flight: Picard Season 2 premieres on Thursday Paramount + In the US and on Friday when Paramount+ is available worldwide. In Canada, it is broadcast CTV Sci-Fi Channel on the tables desperately want Thursday. Piccard Also available Friday on Amazon Prime Video around the world.

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