June 19, 2024

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She didn’t stop yawning, she went to the doctor and the diagnosis devastated her: “I immediately started crying”

She didn’t stop yawning, she went to the doctor and the diagnosis devastated her: “I immediately started crying”

One yawn after another Ikram Kasem, A young British woman decided to go to the doctor. Not only that: He also felt drained of energy.

But for Gacem, that level of fatigue was far greater than what his high school classmates experienced, so he began to wonder if there was something else wrong with him.

At the age of 18, The student slept for hours and never let up a yawn. “All the teachers forced me to take the exam. Not only was it a stressful time for everyone as a student, I felt like I didn’t like everything and was always left behind. told the media Manchester Evening News.

Ikram consulted his trusted doctor The first diagnosis was anemia, Because his white blood cells were low enough.

Ikram said his mum and dad have been his best support system during this difficult time (Image: Teen Cancer Trust/MEN)

“We talked about the issue Cancer Two or three weeks ago, when I had appointments and blood tests and so on, I would laugh it off and say to my mother: ‘I doubt it, I’m 17-18 years old. Cancer? Don’t be silly,” she said. But it turned out to be a foreboding. The tumor is not just a cyst, but a Hodgkin lymphoma, A relatively rare cancer that develops in the lymphatic system.

According to the site cancer.org, Lymphatic tissue is found in many areas of the body, so Hodgkin lymphoma can start almost anywhere, but in the most common areas Chest, neck or under arms.

“I was so scared, I’m not going to lie. I was 18 and my mom was waiting outside the waiting room. I immediately started crying [cuando lo dijo el médico de cabecera]I don’t think I even know what the real meaning is. I broke down and then he told me that it was obvious Cancer. I’m still broken. I have no words,” he told the aforementioned media.

Ikram was 18 when he was diagnosed with cancer (Image: Teen Cancer Trust/MEN)

As it happened in 2020, during the difficult moments of the pandemic, Kasem was alone when she received the news that she had cancer. Now, as a law student in college with cancer, she It sends a message to young people to listen to their bodies and not trust themselves. “We think we’re tired of the choices, but if something doesn’t feel right, it needs to be reconsidered,” he says.

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