May 19, 2024

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Shock in France: Gunmen attack prison van, kill two officers and free dangerous prisoner

Shock in France: Gunmen attack prison van, kill two officers and free dangerous prisoner
A prisoner escapes from a prison van that kills two agents in France

Two French prison officers died on Tuesday and many others Three were injuredOne of them was involved in a serious, violent attack on a police van Fugitive ArrestLocal media pointed out.

The events took place around 11:00 local time (9:00 GMT) at the highway toll booth in the city. IncarvilleAn hour northwest of Paris, where Four armed men broke into two vehicles and attacked a convoy of two vans carrying a load The arrested person was recently charged and tried for murder.

As seen in a video aired on the networks, the attackers were in action With weapons of high caliber, far superior to the handguns the agents carried. Two of them died in the firing Three were injured, when the prisoner and attackers fled in a vehicle. According to police sources, one of the attackers was also injured.

The vehicle they used caught fire a short time later in a nearby area.The media noted.

A forensic expert is working at the scene of this morning’s attack at a toll booth in Incarville in the Ure region. (Alain Jogaard/AFP)

President Emmanuel Macron He promised that everything possible would be done Find the attackersHundreds of security forces personnel were involved in the search attackers And IndividualAll of them On an even larger scale.

“All means will be used to find the perpetrators of this crime,” Macron said in a message on social media. “Ruthless”.

home Minister, By Gerald DormanHe announced that an important perimeter wall had been built to prevent attackers and prisoners, A About 200 agents will participate in the operation, in addition to critical aerial means such as helicopters. A unit of the elite GIGN police force has also been dispatched to arrest the suspects.

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Many roads are closed to traffic All vehicles passing through them are being recorded.

Prosecutor of Paris, Laure BecuaEscaped prisoner A The 30-year-old accused has been identified as Mohammad Amrawas sentenced last Tuesday 18 months imprisonment For various robberies committed in 2019 under aggravated circumstances.

Mohamed Amra, the prisoner who escaped this Tuesday, in a photo broadcast by French media

And, it was A case of attempted murder The escape took place in the vicinity of Rouen, and a Voluntary manslaughter committed in 2022 Near Marseille, in the context of an investigation into drug trafficking.

According to the television network, Evreux returned to the penitentiaryHe was serving his sentence after being tried by a jury in the morning for an attempted murder near Rouen.

The victims were the first prison officers to be killed on duty since 1992 (Ludovic Marin/Reuters)

Both officers killed were men It was the first prison officers killed in the line of duty since 1992said the Minister of Justice Eric DuPont-Moretti.

One of them is married with two children, while the other “left behind a five-month pregnant wife,” he said.

Minister immediately A Crisis cell in his ministry.

“They are people whose life is meaningless. “They will be arrested, tried and punished according to the crime they committed,” he announced about the attackers.

“I was frozen in horror at the actual carnage at the Incarville Tollbooth”declared Alexandre RossardPresident of the Ure Regional Council.

“I sincerely hope that the group of killers who carried out this bloody attack will be arrested soon.”

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The case has happened It was handed over to prosecutors from the French office to fight organized crimeKnown by its acronym JUNALCO.

He Public order This is an important issue in French politics European elections The following month, the incident provoked strong reactions from politicians, particularly from the far right.

“It is a true barbarism that attacks France every day” He announced Jordan Bardella as the main candidate of the far-right party National Committee (RN), which leads polls for elections.

(With information from EFE and AFP)