April 14, 2024

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Shocking images and 14 people injured

Shocking images and 14 people injured

Impressive fire Completely engulfs a residential building In the Spanish city of Valencia. Firefighters rescued a man and a young woman from the balcony. Neighbors did not rule out the presence of more people inside the compound.

The flames appeared on the fourth floor of the building. 138 houses It is around five thirty in the afternoon located in Kampanar neighborhood.

Within minutes the fire engulfed the entire building and spread to another newly constructed building.

Currently available 14 people were injured. Some of them were shifted to nearby hospitals. Among them were six firefighters, one with a broken wrist. Additionally, two men suffered burns to their hands and a minor was taken to a medical center after being covered in smoke.

According to the testimony of neighbors, there are still people inside the building They were stuck Now firefighters are trying to rescue against the clock.

“Many are still inside, many of us managed to get rid of a neighbor with quadriplegia, but many neighbors are told to put rags under the doors,” a resident of the complex told local newspaper Levante.


Crews work at night on the 14-story tower.

are concentrated in the area Lots of firefighters and ambulances. Spanish media reported that at least three firefighters were injured in the deadly blaze that completely destroyed the two buildings.

The Emergency Information and Coordination Center announced the establishment of a field hospital next to the twin building.

A picture of the burning building was posted on social media by Generalized Emergencies. Photo: EFE

Meanwhile, authorities interviewed neighbors near the burned building Evacuate your homes Because wind can spread flames.


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According to Valencian media, police have expanded the security perimeter. Meanwhile, people watch the fire's progress on foot as they try to record the flames engulfing the building on their cellphones.

“Shocked by the terrible fire in a building in Valencia,” the head of the Spanish government wrote. Pedro Sanchezon Twitter.


Flames were seen in the seventh tower building in the Spanish city. People were trapped there.

Sanchez said he spoke with local authorities to “learn firsthand about the situation and provide all necessary assistance.”

“I want to express my solidarity with all the affected people,” he added.

Two people await rescue from balconies.  Photo by EFE.Two people await rescue from balconies. Photo by EFE.

“Please, we ask residents of other parts of the city not to get close to the fire to facilitate the work of the mobilized emergency teams,” wrote the mayor of Valencia. Maria Jose Catala.