February 29, 2024

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So, how did YouTube TV handle the Super Bowl for you? [Poll]

So, how did YouTube TV handle the Super Bowl for you? [Poll]

The NFL Super Bowl is one of the biggest live TV events of the year, and with more and more people switching from traditional cable to online streaming, YouTube TV is the choice for many to stream the big game. But for some, streaming issues seem to affect the quality.

During the 2024 NFL season, YouTube TV was one of the primary ways to stream games. This is, of course, largely thanks to the platform exclusivity on NFL Sunday Ticket, but also to useful features like multi-viewing and more. For the most part, YouTube TV seems to handle these live events well.

However, for the 2024 Super Bowl, some users appear to be having trouble watching via YouTube TV.

Whether it's through Reddit, Twitter/X, or elsewhere, a lot of YouTube TV users seem to be experiencing various streaming issues like random buffering, frozen streams, and more. The issues seem to occur more frequently on 4K streaming, but also on standard streaming from CBS Broadcast. In our own experience, we noticed a lot of freezing issues with 4K streaming, but streaming on Nickelodeon was good (and full of hilarious SpongeBob jokes).

Of course, many of these issues can often be traced back to the network and local devices. However, there definitely seems to be some hurdles on YouTube's end as well.

What about you? Having problems streaming the Super Bowl on YouTube TV?

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