February 22, 2024

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Someone has come up with the worst way to play Super Mario Kart

Someone has come up with the worst way to play Super Mario Kart

picture: Nintendo/Kotaku

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play? Mario Kart Game Using fixed camera angles? Probably not, because that sounds terrible. But if you're curious, one designer has created a sneaky ROMhack that lets you satisfy your morbid curiosity.

As spotted for the first time before GamesRadarTwitter user/X (whatever we call him), MrL314, recently released a video of what he says is “the worst thing” they've ever created. I tend to agree. ROMhack swaps the standard camera from Super Mario Kart And replace it with vampire-Such as a fixed camera system. This means that you will have to navigate difficult turns and paths using cameras placed around the map. good luck!

“self-described”Super Mario Kart Expert” and SNES Hacker It is explained on the download page As for how this “troll hack” came about while they were researching how the camera system worked Super Mario Kart mission. They called the hack “Resident Evil Kart.”

For those who may not remember, in creative vampire games, fixed camera angles were used by developers partly due to hardware limitations at the time. They also added an extra layer of fear to the games, as you had no idea what was around the corner until you got close enough to see what was around the corner. This meant that you sometimes had to blindly turn into potential zombies. Scary stuff! MrL314 applied this system to Mario Kartcreating a challenging and quirky way to play this classic kart racing game.

“Instead of the camera following you like usual, the camera is in pre-determined locations around the track and provides fixed perspective shots of the track as you drive around it,” MrL314 explained. “This definitely makes the game more difficult, and provides an interesting challenge for those who want to take it on!

Depending on the mod, they've also added support for Battle Tracks in Battle Mode, meaning you and another player can face each other while dealing with these fixed camera angles.

MrL314 hopes people will use the mode and stream or record themselves while playing because the creator is curious to know how people do.”stand up“To this new difficult situation.


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