June 16, 2024

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Sony’s new PS5 has been completely redesigned from the inside and uses less power

Sony's new PS5 has been completely redesigned from the inside and uses less power

Sony has revamped the interior of the latest PS5 models. a The revised PS5 model is starting to appear In Australia last month and now YouTube Austin Evans Take a look at the interior and discover a lot of changes. Sony is using a new, smaller motherboard for the PS5, different cooling, and they’ve changed the SSD enclosure.

All of these changes add another weight gain, but there are no obvious changes to the PS5’s exterior. The real big change is the PS5’s updated motherboard. It’s shrunk by about two inches, and the PS5’s cooling is a little different thanks to an extra heat pipe in the back and a smaller heatsink.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a redesigned cooling solution on the PS5. Sony shipped a revised model last year With smaller heatsink. The new motherboard and heatsink in the 2022 PS5 now weigh about 2.5 pounds according to Evans, which is a pound lighter than the original design.

Sony has also moved a lot of components with this new motherboard design, and that means the CMOS battery is now completely hidden under the heatsink. It’s been revealed before, making the switch easier, but Evans claims you’ll now have to completely disassemble the PS5 to replace the CMOS battery.

The smaller heatsink inside the new PS5 (1200) model.
Photo: Austin Evans (Youtube)

The SSD enclosure has also been changed in this new PS5 mode. It no longer has a PCB throughout the entire length, and instead has metal exposure. It’s not immediately clear why Sony changed this specific part of the PS5’s design, but Evans expects it could help improve heat dissipation.

All of these changes may add to some of the PS5’s real-world benefits. Evans claims that this new PS5 model draws about 20-30 less watts while gaming, while still offering the same amount of noise and heat output.

“Sony has shrunk just about everything including the motherboard and the inner packaging to make it lighter and almost certainly cheaper (for them),” Evans says on Twitter. The all-new PS5 model arrives with Sony raising PS5 prices outside the US. Sony increases PS5 prices In the UK, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico and Canada. Prices jump 10 percent in Europe, 21 percent in Japan, and about 6 percent in the United Kingdom.

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