October 3, 2023

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Starfield includes an unexpected Ghostbusters Easter egg

Starfield includes an unexpected Ghostbusters Easter egg

random Ghostbusters The Easter egg was found in Bethesda Starfieldwith a role-playing game that references one of Peter Venkman’s many enemies, providing fans with a deep story.

This discovery comes from Reddit user McPoofy, Who shared a few screenshotswhere Kelton’s character seems to be doing his best impression of the Columbia University administrator, calling his fellow scientist A “Shame on the profession” Proceeding to go on a tirade, claiming, “His theories are nonsense, his methods are sloppy, and his conclusions are – at best – highly questionable. He is a very poor scientist.”

While it’s probably not the most memorable line from the 1984 comic, this moment is a wink. Ghostbusters Fans will no doubt pay attention, as it will be an almost word-for-word retelling of Peter, Ray, and Egon’s expulsion into the private sector by Dean Yeager.

In other video game news, as part of Grand theft auto onlineAnnual Halloween event, a paranormal investigation team known as Ghosts exposedClear play Ghostbusters, Players who capture photos of the supernatural disturbances will be rewarded with in-game rewards, including a carefully striped costume heavily inspired by the iconic movie car, the Ectomobile.

Cross the tables back to Starfieldthe next-gen interstellar RPG, is available now on Xbox Series

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