September 27, 2023

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Starfield is nearing the finish line as Phil Spencer and Pete Hines spotted Xbox Live gameplay

Starfield is nearing the finish line as Phil Spencer and Pete Hines spotted Xbox Live gameplay

published: 2023-07-17 T05:44:49

updated: 2023-07-17 T05:45:04

Despite being less than two months away, the wait for Bethesda’s Starfield feels like it’s going on forever. Signs of life are starting to show though as super-investigators on the internet have noticed the big Xbox players playing a new build right on Xbox Live.

Since Starfield Direct’s massive airing during this year’s Summer Games Festival, news of Bethesda’s space-faring RPG has been sparse. It makes sense that the game’s offering would be comprehensive, to say the least.

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A deep dive revealed an amazing amount of features and mechanics such as shipbuilding, space hacking, romance NPCs, and the finest glimpse of what the internet calls ‘space magic’.

Fan communities have been drooling over even the smallest morsel of Starfield news to guide them until they can make a giant leap for humanity itself. It looks like some lucky people have already taken the leap, with Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer getting more than one bite.

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Not just Spencer. Both he and Bethesda Senior Vice President Pete Hines have publicly viewable Xbox Live profiles and both have the game visible in their recent history.

This was spied on by an eagle-eyed Reddit user Cyberrakan And post it in the sub game. Fans in the comments expressed their jealousy, most of them sarcastic.

It should be noted that demo versions of games are usually masked with codenames or intentionally kept offline. This could be a hint that what Spencer and Haynes have their hands on is close to the final design of the title.

Bethesda and Xbox have expressed great confidence in polishing the game’s release version. It’s likely that these heavyweights within the corporate structures of both companies make sure that the trust is in good standing.


Starfield is almost ready for take off. The game launches on September 6, 2023

While we can’t help but be jealous of Spencer and Hines ourselves, Dexerto pre-planned the Starfield version.

We have a number of how-to guides on things like preloading and Steam Deck compatibility. You can be sure to expect post-launch review and guides when the time comes.

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