April 13, 2024

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Stranded Norwegian Cruise Line passengers missed the ship “for more than an hour”, the company revealed.

Stranded Norwegian Cruise Line passengers missed the ship “for more than an hour”, the company revealed.

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The six American passengers and two Australians who were stranded on an African island when a Norwegian ship sailed without them have returned to the ship to continue their African voyage, with the cruise line revealing the group had caused their travel headaches over the past few days by missing their departure time by more than an hour.

A Norwegian spokesperson confirmed to The Post that the eight passengers were back on board the ship for a 20-day voyage across Africa on Tuesday morning in Dakar, Senegal.

Curt Geiss, the brother-in-law of an elderly woman who was also abandoned on the ship after suffering a stroke while on tour, said he received a text from one of the group members, Jill Campbell, saying she had her husband reboard the ship but had not yet spoken with anyone from guest services or the cruise company. Line Norwegian.

Jill and Jay Campbell Jill and Jay Campbell

“The only thing we have received so far is… [a] “A little note from the Food and Beverage Director with six little treats left in our state room,” Jess said she texted him.

The crew had to race through seven different countries in 48 hours to meet the ship in Senegal on Tuesday.

But by the time South Carolina couple Jill and Jay Campbell arrived in the country, they said they weren't even sure if they wanted to return to the ship.

“After what we witnessed, we really believe there was a set of rules or policies that the ship may have followed — they followed those rules very strictly,” Jill Campbell He told the “Today” program.

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“I really feel like they have forgotten that they are people who work in the hospitality industry and that the safety and well-being of their customers should be their first priority,” she added, claiming that the ship’s crew have a “fundamental duty of care.” Which they had forgotten.”

The eight passengers – including a pregnant woman and an elderly man suffering from a heart condition – claimed they were left behind with no money and vital medicines after the Norwegian Dawn ship left Sao Tome without them.

The Campbell family claimed the ship was still anchored off the coast of the central African island when it arrived on Friday, but the captain refused to let them on board.

Preventing a passenger from boarding the ship. ABC News 4
An elderly passenger who was abandoned. Jill and Jay Campbell
Some passengers were stranded. Jill and Jay Campbell

However, a Norwegian Cruise Line spokesperson said the group missed boarding time by more than an hour after taking a private tour of the island.

“When they missed the ship's 3pm boarding time by more than an hour, their passports were left with the local port agent for retrieval when they returned to port from their private tour (not organized by us), as per protocol,” the spokesperson said.

The Campbells admitted there was a “problem” with their island tour, and the guide “did not get us back” to the ship in time on Friday.

“We said, 'Our time is getting really short,' and they were like, 'No problem, we can have you back in an hour,'” Jay said, adding that the tour operator called the captain to let him know. Delay.

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Eight passengers on a cruise ship have been left stranded on an African island. AP

“Once guests did not return to the ship at the pre-arranged time, we worked with them and the local port agent to help obtain the necessary visas for them to rejoin the ship,” the company said in its statement. Into the next available port.”

Attorney James Diamond of TWC Lawyers said the “hard and fast rule” is that the ship can depart once the final call is made.

“They pay a lot of money for docking fees and renting the space,” he told Seven's Sunrise.

“They have times they have to leave, and those times are posted and unfortunately, I know that's morally incorrect, but they have the right to leave,” he said.

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