June 20, 2024

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Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Test announced for next week

Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Test announced for next week

With the recent arrival of the Street Fighter 6 Demo, many gamers were left wondering if there was more time to try out the game online before release (with some obvious teasing from the developers), but we have the answer to that now.

Capcom just announced an Open Beta Test for SF6, which will hit the streets in just over a week from now.

Like previous closed beta sessions, the first open beta of SF6 will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC via Steam, but there’s no PlayStation 4 version we seem to get the demo.

The open beta is scheduled to begin next Friday, May 19th, at midnight PDT / 3am EST and run through May 21st at the same time.

Those who’ve tried previous betas should find an essentially identical experience here in terms of content to the supposed last test of SF6 before release.

This unfortunately means, however, that there are still only the same eight playable characters as before with Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Guile, Juri, Luke, Jamie, and Kimberly making up the available roster.

The new open beta also includes character creation for the Battle Hub, Ranked Matches, Casual Matches, Open Tournaments, Battle Hub Matches, Training Mode, Hub Goods Shop, Extreme Battles, Game Center, Daily Challenges, and a DJ booth.

Console players shouldn’t need an online subscription like PlayStation Plus to play the SF6 beta online, but there doesn’t seem to be confirmation on whether it will be played through the same game client as before or if players will have to download a new one. .

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There doesn’t seem to be any balance or system changes mentioned in The official open beta page Compared to how things were in the second closed beta.

Players can pre-download the Open Beta client starting May 16th at midnight PDT, and players will need a Capcom ID to participate.

You can check out the announcement announcement for the Street Fighter 6 open beta below.