May 22, 2024

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Strong storms in Texas have their last leg and are warning other US states

Strong storms in Texas have their last leg and are warning other US states

The weekend produced an encouraging forecast Texas, strong storms created flooding throughout Saturday. To make matters worse, the adverse weather conditions will continue this Sunday and will only begin to ease at the start of the week. What will happen in other states? uses? Alarms are on, and residents of the North American country should be extra careful.

He National Weather Service, published an unsolicited report that makes daily predictions to inform the public. “A break in heavy rain is expected through Saturday afternoon, although the next round of heavy rain will arrive Saturday night and continue into Sunday,” he wrote.

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With that brief message, he made it clear that this May 5, weather-related negative news will continue. More than 3 inches (7.6 cm) is forecast, with up to 5 inches (12.7 cm) in isolated areas.

Although the atmosphere is negative, it doesn’t have an overly serious or sad tone: “Houston officials report no deaths or injuries,” experts on the matter report. Also, Judge Lina Hidalgo, the county’s top elected official, said 178 people and 122 pets have been rescued so far in the country over the difficult weekend. In addition to preparing to evacuate properties, rescue operations also took place on roads covered in murky water.

While describing the affected areas, a large area was inundated. Houston In rural East Texas, rangers used boats in waist-deep water to deal with victims and animals unable to find their way out of the blockade. “It will continue to rise,” he said. Miguel Flores JrFrom the neighborhood Kingwood, in Northeast Houston. “We don’t know much. “We’re prepared for the worst.”

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More complications

“A large, closed-top storm in the northern plains should move in a bit on Tuesday. In turn, Central South Towards the valley Ohio There will be a series of storms Tuesday morning. However, this activity may weaken during the morning hours, but may still indicate isolated strong or severe winds,” the storm center notes.

He adds: “However, scattered strong storms should extend east-northeast across the OH Valley Tuesday afternoon, primarily bringing damaging winds and severe hail threats.”

Also, humidity Gulf of Mexico Showers with heavy rain and thundershowers will help in parts of the east. Therefore, the WPC Issued a minor risk (Level 2/4). Northern High Plains Monday through Tuesday morning. The associated heavy rains will produce localized flash flooding areas mainly along urban areas, roads and small streams.

Also, heavy rain and thundershowers will occur over eastern parts Kansas/Nebraska and west Iowa/Missouri. Therefore, the WPC issued a low (level 2/4) risk. Central zone and the Plains/Central Mississippi Valley Monday through Tuesday morning.