December 7, 2023

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Surprising discovery of a mummy in the middle of a monumental garbage dump in Peru

Surprising discovery of a mummy in the middle of a monumental garbage dump in Peru

A team of archaeologists in Peru unearthed a 3,000-year-old mummy while excavating a garbage dump in the country’s capital, Lima. Her hair and skull were first discovered by students from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos helping with the excavation.

Archaeologist Miguel Aguilar pointed out that the removal Eight tons of garbage of the place before carefully searching for historical remains.

One of the archaeologists works on the pre-Hispanic tomb of Momoa, discovered near a professional soccer training center in Lima, Peru (AP / Martin Mejia).Martin Mejia-AP

The mummy is thought to be from the period of the Manche culture, which lived in what is now Lima, between 1,500 BC and 1,000 BC.

Aguilar explained that the mummy was placed in a tomb at the center of the U-shaped temple.

Wrapped in cotton

The archaeologist noted that the body was laid flat, which was “characteristic of the Manjai culture.America’s Founding Period”, about 3000 years ago. It was covered with cotton and vegetable fiber cloth.

This is what the tomb looks like from above (AP / Martin Mejia)Martin Mejia-AP

Aguilar also pointed out that “the man was left or (sacrificed) during the last phase of the construction of this temple.”

There was mummification It is practiced by many different cultures Before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, in what is now Peru.

The tomb was discovered on a property located next to the training ground and corporate headquarters of Peruvian professional soccer team Sporting Cristal. (AP/Martin Mejia)Martin Mejia-AP

Some mummies were buried, many in the embryonic stage, while others were brought out and displayed during major festivals.

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