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Brighton Journal | 25th January 2020

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Best Card Shops In Brighton

21st July 2017 | 1

So when someones birthday rolls around we all rush to the Card Factory for the cheapest card available. Maybe Clinton Cards if you’re a bit more fancy. But what happened to getting personal cards that really come from the heart … Read More

Perfect For The Next Birthday! This Quick And Easy Chocolate Cake Won’t Let You Down!

30th June 2017 |

How often does it happen that we totally forget that we were supposed to bake a cake for a birthday party we are invited to or have our own party to host and get stressed because there is so much … Read More

Local Painter Triumphs over Fatal Disease – Interview – Becky Blair

17th March 2016 |

Two years ago, the Brighton painter Becky Blair was diagnosed with the chronic autoimmune disease Lupus. After her triumphant recovery, her new work documenting her brave journey will feature as a new exhibition in Brighton, and will be her first body of … Read More

Happy Birthday to Elvis Presley and David Bowie!

8th January 2016 |

Today is probably the most rock n roll day in history. Why? I hear you ask, well I will tell you. Today is the day that two rock stars were brought into this earth, sent by the Gods to remind … Read More