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Brighton Journal | 3rd April 2020

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#crisis Archives - Brighton Journal

Budget crisis looms as schools struggle to fill classes

14th January 2020 |

Greens have called on the Labour Council to make long term plans in preparation for the looming school funding crisis.

The council has estimated that in September 2022, there will be 600 unfilled reception class places if there is no … Read More

University Warns Of Food Crisis As Brexit Talks Continue

17th July 2017 |

Brexit Secretary; David Davis, is back in Brussel’s for the second round of Brexit negotiations and has called both sides to “get down to business”.

His priority is tackling uncertainty for EU citizens living within the UK or UK citizens … Read More

Good News! Empty Council Buildings to Be Opened to Brighton’s Homeless

30th January 2017 |

Vacant City Council buildings can now¬†be opened as temporary homeless shelters thanks to a motion passed by Brighton and Hove City Council last Friday (January 26). The move, which is similar to schemes run in Manchester and Bristol, is part … Read More

“UK is still supporting Saudi coalition even after bombs killed thousands of Yemeni civilians!”

14th November 2016 |

For the past 18 months the Saudi Arabian coalition which is backed by the UK and the US has been dropping bombs on Yemen in support of the deposed government over there. Specifically targeting civilians and civilian food production … Read More