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Brighton Journal | 2nd April 2020

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Casual Chic – Brighton Street Style

29th July 2016 |

Check out these looks spotted in the Brighton streets to get inspired!


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Top 5 Ways To Get Fit Without Spending A Penny

25th July 2016 |

Summer is finally here so it’s the perfect time to work on feeling good in yourself. If you don’t fancy spending your time in a claustrophobic, stuffy room also known as the gym, what is there to do? Well, there … Read More

Everyday Casual Looks – Brighton Street Style

16th July 2016 |

You might already have some special looks planned for this summer that seems to be keeping us waiting for ever this year, but here are some other fashion ideas that will inspire you!

Interviews by Thays Schumacher.

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Have You Tried the 5:2 Fast Diet?

14th January 2016 |

Following a festive period of overindulgence, January is commonly littered with dietary talk as New Year´s resolutions take over and the fitness frenzy begins. Gym memberships become more important than oxygen as people jump aboard the ´New Year, New Me´ … Read More

Have You Tried the DNA Diet?

5th January 2016 |

DNA testing is thought to become a growing trend in the fitness industry this year, according to reports. Our genes dictate how we respond to different food and exercise and knowing which variants you have means that you can access … Read More

Elisabeth of Belgium Learned to Stand on Her Head at 80 – Iyengar Yoga

14th December 2015 |

Anyone else notice the Google doodle today? The doodle honours the birthday of BKS Iyengar, the Indian Guru credited with bringing yoga to the West. Not only did Iyengar found a style of yoga, he also taught iconic author Aldous … Read More

Festive Themed Fitness Regimes

7th December 2015 |

It’s Christmas, it’s wet, cold and there is so much good food just waiting to be eaten, so it’s easy to avoid keeping up with your regular exercise routine. However, Bjournal have the answer, and we have compiled a short … Read More

Challenge Yourself and Run for Charity

14th November 2015 |

Life shouldn’t be taken for granted. Every breath of fresh air should be cherished, every opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone should taken. You may be alive but are you actually living?

Comfort is a wonderful feeling, it … Read More

Five Items You Must Have for Outdoor Exercise

3rd November 2015 |

Yesterday bjournal gave you some great fitness apps that meant you could still workout without leaving your house. However, we know that there are still going to be some of you who will go out in all weathers for a … Read More

Workout Without Going Out

2nd November 2015 |

Now the clocks have gone back, it’s getting dark much earlier and the weather is becoming considerably worse, many people will be reluctant to go out on their daily run or bicycle ride. Not only is it quite miserable but … Read More