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Brighton Journal | 21st February 2020

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Councillors Debate Tougher Approach to Anti-Social Behaviour

22nd November 2017 |

The city council is set to launch a ‘two strikes and you’re out’ approach to tackling the city’s on-going anti-social behaviour problem.

Anyone, including businesses, who commits an offence like playing loud music, dumping rubbish in gardens or regularly repairing … Read More

Are Students Costing Sussex Councils Millions?

27th June 2017 |

Exemption from paying council tax for students is reportedly costing Sussex councils £11 million. People are calling on student landlords to pay up for council tax after figures have shown their exemption is costing the public purse a pretty penny. Figures … Read More

Landlords Now Responsible for Checking Tenants Are Here Legally

10th March 2017 |

If you’re a landlord, you’ve probably heard all about the government’s plans to make a few legislative changes to how you go about your business. In particular, they’ve introduced something called the ‘Right to Rent’ initiative, which was announced last … Read More

Selling Tips & Tricks From The Property Experts

21st February 2017 |

The property market is something most of us dip in and out of. As a result, we probably only have a passing interest outside of times when it comes to buying and selling. When the moment comes we need to … Read More