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Brighton Journal | 29th February 2020

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Big Yoga Weekend Ahead In Brighton!

5th July 2017 |

Sit down, close your eyes and start listening to your body! It’s hard to come up with another place in the country where yoga is as popular as here in Brighton. If you have always wanted to give it a … Read More

Dust Off Your Dancing Shoes And Get In The Groove This Summer!

23rd June 2017 |

If music feeds your soul, then dancing definitely makes you happy! Latin dance, standard dance, line dance… there are countless ways to do it and every single one is unique. Although you can learn how to dance all year round, … Read More

Five Ways To Make Your Day At The Beach More Exciting!

22nd June 2017 |

When the weather is as amazing as it was during the last couple of days, there is only one place to head to in Brighton! What better way is there to spend a sunny day than heading down to the … Read More

10 Makeup Hacks You Need To Know

13th June 2017 |

Who doesn’t want to make their lives just that little bit easier? We’re with you on that! And when it comes to makeup, especially during the hotter months, we like to be as efficient as possible. So we’re here to offer you … Read More

Festival Fashion 2017

2nd June 2017 | 1

The coming of June can only mean one thing… Festival season is upon us ladies and gentlemen. Festivals are muddy and gross, we know, but who’s to say that should stop you from looking your finest as you wade through … Read More

Bin Or Second Life? What To Do With The Old Stuff You Don’t Want Anymore!

31st May 2017 |

An old bike we have long stopped using, the dress we bought for that wedding back in the day and have never worn again, the toys our children used to play with when they were young… There are so many … Read More

Humans of Brighton – Meet Dunstan The Traveller

28th May 2017 |

Hello Dunstan, nice to meet you! Can you tell me a bit about you? Yes, of course. My name is Dunstan Harris and I’m 24 years old. I was born in London but now I live in Brighton.

What do you … Read More

How To Make Most Of This Beautiful Weather When You Are Stuck In The Office!

26th May 2017 |

Most of us will probably know this situation. We wake up in the morning to get ready for work, look outside of the window, see that already it is absolutely beautiful and warm out there and immediately we think “Oh … Read More

Brighton Street Fashion – What Are We Wearing Today?

24th May 2017 |

Check out these looks spotted in the Brighton streets!

This is Lauren, 27, from London and I met her during a typical “tourist day” with shopping and visiting the sights of Brighton. Today, she wears clothes from … Read More

Less Phone, More Life! Five Easy Ways To Fight Against Phone Addiction!

23rd May 2017 |

Checking our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account, buying bus tickets, checking the weather forecast, browsing through our pictures, using maps to navigate through the city… there are countless reasons and occasions throughout the day to pick up our most beloved … Read More