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Brighton Journal | 2nd April 2020

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Artist of the Week: Danika McElroy

29th June 2019 |

This week, Brighton Journal had the pleasure of chatting with Brighton based artist Danika McElroy. Danika’s unique pieces of art are created predominantly with watercolour, resulting in vividly striking scenes. Her cosmic art portrays a much deeper concept relating … Read More

Prevent loneliness in Brighton and Hove this Christmas

14th December 2018 | 1

Many of us consider the festive period to be a time to celebrate and share with loved ones – but not everyone has this luxury. Age UK in Brighton and Hove and around the UK are urging people to reach out … Read More

Brighton5 launch Crowdfunder to improve mental health crisis for teens

19th October 2018 |

Brighton5 have launched a Crowdfunder page to produce video content and discuss crucial mental health issues many teens are suffering with. The youth project has emerged with the aim to fight back against a mental health crisis for young people, as … Read More

World Mental Health Day encourages discussion in Brighton and Hove

10th October 2018 |

Today marks the global recognition of mental health awareness, ‘World Mental Health Day’, encouraging charities and organisations to share their endeavours in mental health care. This year’s theme decided by the World Federation for Mental Health focuses specifically on young people … Read More

Jack Heathcote Is Walking 130 Miles In Memory Of His Mother

11th August 2017 | 1

In July of 2016, Jacks mother who he describes as a women who lived a selfless and beautiful life decided to take that life.

When Jack speaks about his mother it is with such sincerity and love;

“When … Read More

Shocking Mental Health Statistics Released

1st August 2017 |

The Sussex Partnership NHS Trust released a video today on their Youtube channel, about Sussex and East Surrey Mental Health Statistics.

It shockingly reveals that men in the area who are in contact with the NHS mental health services live … Read More

Want To Volunteer?

21st July 2017 |

If you are looking to give back to your community here in Brighton, we have a few places in which we believe are important to support. Volunteering is not only a wonderful thing to do for someone else, it is … Read More

Feeling Frazzled? M & S Is Launching New Mental Health Cafes

20th March 2017 |

Whether you have been diagnosed with a mental illness or are just struggling to keep up with the stresses and strains of modern life, we could all use some time to relax and talk openly. But it’s not that simple … Read More

How This Brighton Tattoo Parlour Is Turning Scars Into Art

16th March 2017 |

If you have scars, no matter the cause, covering them with layers of clothes and shying away is common practice. But Brighton tattoo parlour Inka Tattoos is giving those with scars the chance to cover them with beautiful designs and … Read More

How Hove’s First Community Bakery Will Tackle Mental Health Stigma

9th March 2017 |

At a time where most of us buy loaves from the supermarket and don’t bother to read the ingredients, father-of-two Simon Cobb is doing something revolutionary with dough.

He’s the co-director of what’s set to be Sussex’s first community supported … Read More