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Brighton Journal | 2nd April 2020

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Meet Kate, The Brighton Mum Fighting The Refugee Crisis With Education

28th February 2017 |

Think refugee aid and food banks, clothes donations and volunteers at soup kitchens probably spring to mind. But Kate McAllister (pictured above) believes another important thing which can be given to people fleeing crises is a flexible education.

She’s the … Read More

This Brighton School Has Tweeting Goats

22nd February 2017 |

Sports day, school discos, and adventure playgrounds are all standard fixtures at any school in England. But Varndean School in Hollingbury has an unlikely addition – five kids who are down with the kids.

The Varndean School goats have come a long way … Read More

Good News! Sussex Student Raises £2k for Syrian Children

15th February 2017 |

Bighearted Bede’s schoolgirl Rosa Witts may only be 17, but she’s done something truly amazing for charity. She’s managed to raise more than £2,000 for Unicef though hosting a concert. The charity is helping children affected by the ongoing conflicts in … Read More

Hove School to let Sleeping Teens Lie (In)

2nd February 2017 |

Since 2009, various researchers have been delving into the stereotype of the moody, cranky, constantly-tired teen. What was once put down to a bad attitude, bad habits or just good-old teenage rebellion has been proven to have a scientific cause. According … Read More

Council Announces Fortnight Autumn Term Break for Schools

15th July 2016 |

Brighton & Hove City Council have today announced they are extending the autumn half term in the academic year 2017 to 2018 from one week to a fortnight.

Traditionally all half term breaks have been just the one week, but, … Read More

Brighton and Hove Council Ask Parents To Discuss Gender With Their Children

20th April 2016 |

It has been reported that Brighton and Hove City Council has written to parents across the city asking them to help their children choose the gender they “most identify with”. The letter asked them to leave it blank if they … Read More