November 30, 2023

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Talks continue following additional strikes

Talks continue following additional strikes

Negotiations between the United Auto Workers and Detroit Three automakers continued Sunday — the 17th day of an unprecedented strike organized by the union against Ford Motor Co., Stellantis NV and General Motors.

The strike began on September 15 with the UAW unleashing a targeted strike strategy beginning with a shutdown at Ford’s Michigan Assembly plant in Wayne, Stellantis’ Toledo Assembly Complex, and GM’s Wentzville Assembly in Missouri.

The strike has been expanded twice to include all Stellantis and GM parts distribution centers, and on Friday two SUV plants were added: GM’s Lansing Delta Township plant and Ford’s Chicago Assembly plant – bringing the number of striking auto workers to 25,300 out of 146,000 UAW members at the companies. . The Stellantis facilities have been exempt from the latest expansion since the Jeep and Ram automaker made progress in talks with the union on areas including cost-of-living adjustments that were suspended in 2009, the right not to cross the picket line, the right to strike over product commitments and plant closures, and halting outsourcing. With external sources.

“I was actually relieved that Stellantis made a big move,” said Art Wheaton, an auto industry specialist at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

“For me, this was great news. Primarily because I was very concerned about Stellantis coming in. It seems to me that they are approaching the pattern and may actually commit to the pattern bargain.”