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‘Ted Lasso’ Neatly Wraps Jason Sudeikis’ Character Story In Season 3 (And Series?) Finale Deadline

‘Ted Lasso’ Neatly Wraps Jason Sudeikis’ Character Story In Season 3 (And Series?) Finale Deadline

Spoiler alert: What follows reveals major plot points from the season 3 finale of Apple’s Ted Lasso.

The biggest question about the third season finale of Apple’s hit series Ted Lasso is whether or not it will serve as the comic series finale. Top to bottom, the episode titled “So Long, Farewell” feels like a series finale about how everything gets tied up, but it could certainly go on as is – with or without Ted (Jason Sudeikis) pulling the trigger on his return to… Kansas with his family.

From the moment the episode begins, Ted can’t help but smile while thinking he’s going home with his son, Henry (Joss Turner). The couple exchange cute texts using funny gifs as they do.

Back at Rebecca’s (Hannah Waddingham) office, she’s been going after Kelly (Juno Temple) and Leslie (Jeremy Swift) about divorcing Robert (Anthony Head) when the topic of replacing Ted comes up. By the looks of the trio, they’d rather talk than anything else, so Rebecca changes the subject by asking how much she could get for the club if she were to sell it. Aghast, Leslie says two billion dollars leaving everyone in shock.

London was gripped by the news of Ted’s departure. Richmond breaks into the song during rehearsals with the team honoring their leader by performing “So Long, Farewell” from sound of Musicnach.

Nate (Nick Muhammad) feels like home at the team’s headquarters even though a lot has changed since the days of Darth Nate. In a funny moment, he catches Roy (Brett Goldstein) and his former enemy Jimmy (Phil Dunster) planning to hang out, leaving Nate stunned.

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In a more touching scene, Roy tells Jimmy over a beer how proud he is of him for all his hard work this season, a feeling reciprocated by the former. The steamy moment is interrupted when Roy admits that he and Kelly have started talking again. Ol’ Roy and Phil are back at it, competing for a girl who they later try to force them to choose between them. She does this by kicking them both out of her apartment to sort themselves out.

Harriet Walter returned as Rebecca’s unobtrusive mother Deborah who supports her daughter’s ideas to sell the club. She has more important things to worry about like getting to her tattoo appointment the next day.

Soon after, Rebecca meets Ted at the stadium in preparation to discuss his decision to leave London. She opens by telling him that she is selling the club, but there is a second option where they both stay. Coach Ted makes a huge financial offer that makes him one of the highest paid coaches in the league. With tears in her eyes, she doesn’t know any of this. He’s already made up his mind.

In another touching scene, Ted and Nate reunite in the locker room, and the duo make amends. Nate embraces Ted and asks him for his forgiveness for all Darth Nate things, which the latter accepts. The redemption we’ve all been waiting for is finally here.

Now for some futbol! Fans from all over the world are cheering for the Richmond AFC – except for Robert, of course. Even Zava (Maximilian Usinski) sent a sponsorship package that included T-shirts and a giant avocado — Danny (Cristo Fernandez) claimed two shirts for himself.

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After an emotional montage of the past three years with the team, the team is ready to fight, or so we thought. This video might be too blurry for the lads openly crying on the pitch in front of their opponents, West Ham. Soon their tears will dry up, and it’s time for action, says Flight of the Conchords, but everything touches and goes in the first quarter.

During halftime, Ted gives his final speech as team manager motivating the team to give everything they’ve got. Things get back on the field and everyone finally believes Richmond has a chance to win it all. Captain McAdoo (Kola Bokinni) is singled out for a penalty and misses, but the referee takes a good look at the net where he finds a cut, earning Richmond a point that puts the two teams in a tie.

While you know Ted needs that win for his story to end in Season 3, it’s really anyone’s game. But yeah, Richmond wins and the crowd goes wild. Everyone in the square has someone they overlook including Colin (Billy Harris) who kisses his friend in front of the world.

After completing his mission, Ted reappears at the airport ready to press his heels back to Kansas. But first, he peruses the periodicals and picks up a copy of The Everyday Independent that has the following headline, “Richmond to Everyone! Wilton Sells 49% of Club to the Fans.” When he reaches for a comic book, a magazine with Zava on the cover sits next to him that says, “Zava Returns. Striker heads to LAFC.” Could there be a Zava subset in Los Angeles? Or is it just a reference to Zlatan Ibrahimovic who went to LA Galaxy after his European Championship run?

Zaffa nods

In a very Rebecca way, she buys a first-class ticket just to say goodbye to Ted properly. She tells him that she plans to stay with her family in the UK and is glad he is coming home. They hug, they cry, wait, do we say goodbye to Ted?! Rebecca is all of us.

Bird (Brendan Hunt) takes his first class seat next to Ted, at least for a while. He tells Ted that he does not want to return to the United States and would like to stay with his sweetheart, Jane (Phoebe Walsh). Ted wishes him well in letting the beard go for a very dramatic exit.

Rebecca is sad as she is leaving the airport but finds a moment of happiness when she notices a little girl running out of the building. When the girl stumbles and falls, Rebecca rushes to help. Just then, the worried father makes a lunge himself for the little girl. It is revealed that the father is a pilot and happens to be the stranger whose pontoon boat Rebecca spent time with while visiting Amsterdam. bubble! Rebecca gets her happy ending.

Another notable last minute tidbit was the appointment of Roy Kent as the new AFC manager. He couldn’t help himself at the moment and revealed a shy smile. Kelly is there cheering him on and is in a great place herself as her agency is thriving.

Kelly surprises Rebecca with a proposal for a new project – the women’s team in Richmond. The couple looks at each other with tears in their eyes and screams. Now this seems like a possible minor component that we can get behind.

Nate and his girlfriend Jade (Edita Budnick) share a romantic kiss while surrounded by his family at the restaurant where they fell in love – right there, sitting in front of the bay window.

Sans Ted, there’s a barbecue going on as life goes on. Rebecca is there with her new man; Kelly with her fan club members Roy and Jimmy; Richard Montlauer is impressed with his pretty blonde date. Elsewhere, Trent Cream (James Lance) is out promoting his new book, “Richmond Road.”

Cat Stevens song the father and his son It plays Roy and Nate put the “Believe” record label back together. Beard is seen marrying a very pregnant Jane in front of Stonehenge surrounded by family and friends. Danny is happiest in the crowd of well-wishers alongside two beautiful women.

Before the song ends, Ted arrives home and in the waiting arms of his son. In the last beats of the episode, Ted Henry coaches on the soccer field while Michelle (Andrea Anders) looks on. By the look of his face, there’s nowhere else he’d rather be.

When Sudeikis spoke to Deadline in March ahead of the Season 3 premiere, he gave viewers a challenge of sorts. He said, “This is the end of this story that we wanted to tell, that we hoped to tell, that we loved telling. The fact that people are going to want more and are curious beyond what they don’t know yet — this third season — it’s fun. Maybe by May 31st.” once in all 12 episodes of the season [have been released]They’re like, “Man, you know what, we got it, we’re good. We don’t need it anymore, we got it.”

And he was right. The story could certainly go on but if not, it’s perfectly wrapped up in an arc. Apple has yet to comment on whether the Season 3 finale is a series finale.

“Just listen to your intuition, and on the way to your intuition, check your heart. Between those two things, they’ll tell you what,” Ted Lasso said.