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| January 20, 2019

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Tell us what you saw, we draw it for you!

Tell us what you saw, we draw it for you!
Maria Argueta

Last chance today 28th of May to head over the Family Store, 33 Kensington Gardens, in North Lanes, and see work in progress by these three illustrators and graphic writers based in Brighton, getting inspired by its people and the daily stories happening daily in our unique city.

What have you seen this Fringe?  Do you want to see it reflected in a drawing? For a week, these artist have wanted to make their craftsmanship accessible to the public, that can walk up to the room above this well-known comic shop in the North Lanes, see how they work, have a chat with them and inspire them with new gossip and tales of Brighton.

Joe Decie, (Collecting Sticks, Jonathan Cape, 2017), tells me how they tried to imitate the print shops of 18th century London, where they used to hang their drawings by the windows, so poor people that otherwise could not afford to buy them, could at least enjoy the view! They wanted the general public to be able to witness how illustrators work. Come and ask them any questions you like!


Hen Night, Joe Decie

On the walls, drawings of drunken and irreverent Hens Nights along the pier; favourite and unusual drinks consumed by our fellow Brightonians, including those cans of Polish energy drinks that can be spotted now and then on the pavements outside the shop; every street gang in town is mentioned here, even out of work actors and Victorian gentleman! Tattoos ideas only fitted for Brighton, like “Namaste” and “Overprized Pizza”, all of these and more can be seen along the room white walls. They are the product of Joe´s imagination and witty sense of humour.


Joe Decie, Print Collective at the Family Store


Joe can be seen walking around Brighton with a notebook in his bag, eavesdropping for funny comments, situations and stories that he can later retell. “But to be fair with it all, of course, I include myself in the stories”. That is maybe why, Joe himself is the main character of his recent graphic novel Collecting Sticks, a story of a family “glamping” trip or when camping goes wrong. I found his novel in the shop downstairs, and to be honest, it made me laugh out loud!


Brighton Tarot Cards, Hannah Eaton

Hannah Eaton and Daniel Lock are the two other parties of the Print Collective. Hannah, a celebrated artist and graphic novelist is designing a deck of tarot reading cards representing some standard and other unique real characters and symbols of our city. See if you recognise any of them? Her previous work (Naming Monsters, Myryad, 2013) finds inspiration on the mystery, the occult, the English folklores and legends and the personal monsters that accompany us along our lives. Any magic story you want to share with her these days?


Drawings by Daniel Locke

Elm trees seem to be sick and dying. And they are quite a distinctive sight in our city. This is why Daniel Lock, stablished illustrator, wants to talk about them. Do you think you are not really sure how an Elm looks like and what is happening to them? Come, come quick and find out!

Come along this weekend, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. bring some stories to tell, or scribble a note for the Suggestion Box. You may be able to see your thoughts reflected in a graphic novel in the near future!

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