May 21, 2024

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Texas Eagles score, fast food: Philadelphia starts 8-0 first in franchise history

Texas Eagles score, fast food: Philadelphia starts 8-0 first in franchise history

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Houston Texans 29-17 Thursday night. The Eagles improved to 8-0 while the Texans dropped to 1-6-1. The Eagles didn’t start the season 8-0 before this season, but they made history tonight.

Texans made a statement early on, surprising many by scoring the game’s first touchdown. Quarterback Davis Mills steered his team down the field and the 75-yard drive was capped by a 2-yard touchdown reception by Crowne Kituriano.

The Eagles started deep into their territory, but were able to drive 91 yards for a score, and climbed onto the board thanks to a Miles Sanders 2-yard TD scramble.

The Eagles have only converted the ball twice this season prior to this game, but the Texans defense reached quarterback Jalen Hurts as it forced Stephen Nelson to swerve and recover Jonny Johnson. The Texans were unable to take advantage of the turnover.

Philly bounced back offensively, taking the lead at 79 yards. Kenneth Jenwell hits him in the end zone with a 4-yard dash.

Just two minutes into the first half, Damon Pierce grabbed the ball 36 yards to spark Houston’s attack. Pierce was a key offensive element and finished the game with 13 holders and 88 yards. Chris Moore earned a pass in the end zone that was initially judged incomplete, but was flipped to a score, and the match tied.

CJ Gardner intercepted Johnson Mills and with the next play the Eagles scored a goal and regained the lead. A.J. Brown’s 17-yard receiver made it 21-14.

The Texas team put up a three in the third quarter to cut back the Eagles’ lead.

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Philadelphia’s lead in the fourth quarter was extended by a Dallas Goedert 4-yard reception and a successful two-point conversion thanks to Hurts’ dash down the middle.

A second interception by Mills sealed the fate of the Texans and the Eagles were able to run the clock for the win.

Why did the Eagles win?

The Eagles did not play their normal form, especially at the beginning of the match against a team that achieved one victory, but they did not delay much. Heading into the game, the Eagles scored more points in the second quarter of games alone than the Texans scored all season together, but this game was a different story.

The Eagles had the shock factor of not being as dominant as it was, but despite the confidence waning, they were able to keep grinding and eventually got rid of it.

Quarterback Galen Hurts went 21 of 27 for 243 yards and two touchdowns and is still the leader this team needs. Hurts’ ability to throw the field, and the idiosyncrasy on the move or press, set him apart from other league quarterbacks.

Miles Sanders led the team with 17 coaches with 93 yards and touchdowns. Dallas Goedert had eight receptions for 100 yards and touchdowns.

The defense came in force with two main objections, and the biggest element in these coups was the Eagles taking advantage of one of them and the fourth quarter of an hour ran out in the second. Javon Hargrave spent one night with six competitor pairs and three sacks.

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Why did Texas lose?

Texas started strong, but they struggled to close the deal. They kept the Eagles through most of the competition, but let Philly expand the lead towards the end.

Two Mills’ interceptions didn’t help their cause at all and unlike the Eagles, when the Texas defense forced a turn, their attack didn’t take advantage of the confusion.

The Texas 2 vs 4 were in the red zone, while the Eagles were 4 vs 4 in the red playing zone. The field goal that would have been the landing and the interception in the Al-Nusour area were the main factors in the loss.

turning point

Mills’ pass assigned to Moore was intercepted by CJ Gardner-Johnson, who now leads the league with five. The Eagles turned the interception into a relegation, giving the away team a lead to keep for the rest of the match.

Here is a look at the objection process:

play the game

James Bradbury seals victory with a late interception. take a look:

What’s Next

The Texas team will face the New York Giants in Week 10. The Giants are currently sitting at 6-2 and have surprised many NFL fans with their impressive season. The Giants have their farewells this weekend after falling to the Seahawks in Week 8.

The Eagles have an NFC East game coming up next week at “Monday Night Football” when they host the Washington captains. The leaders are currently 4-4 after winning their last three matches. They will face the 6-1 Minnesota Vikings this weekend.