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| November 20, 2018

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The American Sports Craze Sweeping Brighton and Hove

The American Sports Craze Sweeping Brighton and Hove
Sarah George

Ever fancied tearing across a field and tagging your friends with a bow and arrow? Keen archers across Brighton and Hove are massively getting into Bow Arrow Tag – a game like dodgeball but with a bow and arrow which is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Don’t worry, the arrows are all tipped with soft foam.

Combining archery skills with the fast-paced fun you get from games like paintball and laser tag, Bow Arrow Tag is proving to be a sure fire hit among Brightonian teens and families alike.

Organiser Jonathan Reynolds, who runs games all over the country, is the man behind the game’s popularity in Brighton.

He said: “It’s easy to play, fun and adrenaline-fuelled – and the whole family can play, even grandparents with their grandchildren.

“It is particularly popular with parents because there are no games or batteries involved. It’s active and gives everyone a chance to exercise and get fresh air.”

Jonathan’s best advocate is his seven-year-old daughter, who adores playing with a bow and arrow. Although he bought the game to Brighton a year ago, he’s seen a huge surge in bookings recently.


He puts the popularity of Bow Arrow Tag down to the fact that it is a fun, hands-on way for people of all ages to build teamwork skills, better their self-confidence, and improve their hand-eye co-ordination.

“I particularly think with summer coming up we will see even more of these games popping up in parks and outdoor spaces around Brighton,” he added.

Games can be carried out with as few as eight or as many as 150 players. They can take place indoors or outdoors so long there is an 11 by 24 metre space – think tennis courts, halls, soft play areas and barns. Parks, fields, car parks, woods, and beaches can all also be transformed into Bow Arrow arenas.

For more information, visit the Bow Arrow Tag website.



  1. Lisa Lucas

    My family and I tried this new activity out last summer and had such a blast we did it twice over our four day holiday in Brighton. Johnathan and his team make this outing even more fun with their outgoing and warm personalities. It was so lovely to enjoy the beautiful Sussex green forests and parks on a sunny day whilst playing Bow and Arrow Tag with my loved ones.

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