February 29, 2024

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The Arcology – How Saturday’s Top 10 college basketball chaos is affecting the 2022 NCAA Championship bracket

The Arcology - How Saturday's Top 10 college basketball chaos is affecting the 2022 NCAA Championship bracket

The last Saturday in February turned into a historic day in college basketball. Each of the top six teams in AP top 25 He lost, the first time this has happened in a single day in the history of the survey. A total of seven members of the AP’s top 10 dropped, a one-day record as well.

What does that mean from Archeology impression? Well, imagine a weekend in the NFL where every game ends in a draw. No team will lose or gain an inch in the standings. That’s what happened at college basketball on Saturday.

Answer the most relevant questions:

Which seed was dropped #1 after the dust settled on Saturday and why?

We are almost done where we started. The top three teams on the morning’s roster — Gonzaga, Arizona, and Kansas — all lost major road matches in hostile environments. Three of the teams that were in the best position to replace them — Kentucky, Purdue and Texas Tech — suffered the same fate. At the end of the carnage, Baylor was the only team out of the top ten to improve their seed. The Bears started on day 6 overall and ended up in 4th overall. This gives the NCAA title holder the number one seed. Just don’t write it in ink. Baylor visits Texas on Super Monday.

Of the top 10 teams that lost on Saturday, who was the most damaging loss from an arc perspective?

Auburn, Kentucky, and Purdue all fell one place on the seed list. The only seed that changed was Auburn, which went down from 4th to 5th and the No. 2 seed in the arc. Kentucky and Bordeaux just slipped into the seeds. So the alleged damage was relatively, and in essence insignificant.

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Did Gonzaga’s loss to Saint Mary affect her standing as the number one seed – or has anyone come close to Zaggs for first place overall?

Some will say Gonzaga suffered the worst loss in the top 10, but only if they never went to Moraga. The vials stay right where they started, joining a long list of selection programs to remind them of the two worst four-letter words in sports: road game. It is the common and obvious thread that connects all the disturbances of the Sabbath.

7th seed Duke ended up as the top-ranked team to win on Saturday – and he looked impressive in doing so. What does its outcome, besides the chaos above the Blue Devils, do to their situation?

Not only did the Blue Devils triumph, they did so on the road, an achievement that should be celebrated under the circumstances. They also looked at a portion of the first seed. Duke’s problem is that, no matter how much he likes the extension, he can’t match the resume that the non-ACC powers have won this year.

There may be a lot of momentum behind the Blue Devils, especially given Coach K’s angle, but something should tell us that Duke – despite being the only winner on the first two lines – jumped only one team on the seeded list. The Blue Devils and Purdue swapped for seventh and eighth places. It was a day to cherish, not build a new chip. At least not yet.