February 22, 2024

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The barista invites customers to place orders via mobile phone right in front of her

The barista invites customers to place orders via mobile phone right in front of her

Starbucks'It was a mobile ordering system Designed Partly to help customers avoid lines. But after a barista criticized a customer for placing her mobile order right in front of her, viewers agreed we might be misusing technology.

Tik Tok User Haley (@christianhaybale) works as a barista. The creator recently shared a phenomenon she's noticed that is “grinding gears.”

“They're the people who come into the store and stand at the register with their phone and say, ‘I'm ordering via the app.'” This trend is upsetting and confusing to baristas, she shared.

Halle also revealed how a customer did this to her on two separate occasions. This was the second occasion that stunned the creator. He ordered his black coffee and left. An hour later, he returned, complaining that the drink was warm and demanding a new drink. Wanting to avoid an argument, the barista yielded to the customer and gave him a new drink.

“It was warm because you came an hour ago,” she said. “Of course, it's not hot anymore. It was old coffee.”

She concludes the video by wanting to go back to the “good old days” of ordering in-store.


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The Daily Dot reached out to Haley via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment. The video received more than 17,000 views as viewers resonated with former and current Starbucks baristas.

“When I worked at Starbucks, people would come in every day and ask where their mobile order was made just 0.5 seconds ago,” one barista wrote.

“I once had someone walk up to the speaker and tell me they were currently ordering via the app,” he recalls again.

A third commented: “I'm @people who order food in the parking lot and they come up and immediately ask where their order is.”

On the other hand, customers shared what they do when they order via mobile phone.

“I always order via mobile from the parking lot at work so it's ready when I get there, or wait until I get a notification that it's ready to come in,” one viewer said.

“I order via mobile phone because I don't really like talking to people but I always sit down to do it,” another said.

Haley isn't the only barista who feels this way. A group of Starbucks baristas invited customers who expect their mobile orders to be ready instantly through a skit. Another barista revealed how an elderly man made sexist remarks because his mobile order was not ready immediately.


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*First published: January 15, 2024, 8:00 PM CST

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Melody Held

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