September 27, 2023

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The Bellroy Pixel Fold case isn’t worth it

The Bellroy Pixel Fold case isn’t worth it

Foldable cases have improved greatly since the first generations, and you’ll find more and more brands making them, too. But it’s still worth looking at how these cases work in real-world use. For the past two days, I have been using Bellroy case for the Google Pixel Fold; I was blown away by how not very good this case is.

Bellroy is a premium accessory maker that has had a contract with Google on many of its previous Pixel products. Everything from smartphone cases to laptop sleeves and more, Bellroy was on board, and the quality was excellent. While I wish the company’s leather cases would provide more decoration over time, they were also the Pixel 6’s go-to option. and Pixel 7 For its narrow fit and soft feel in the hand. They are simply delightful cases and are worth even their rather high price tags.

That’s why I was so excited to hear that Bellroy would be making a case for the Google Pixel Fold. Narrow smooth leather case for my new convertible? Sign me up right away.

But, upon opening the box and putting this case on this week, I came away very disappointed.

It starts with the skin itself. As mentioned, the Bellroy leather has never been my favorite, but it has always felt comfortable in the hand by striking a good balance in the thickness of the leather layer. On the Pixel Fold, the leather layer is effectively a sticker — I’m pretty sure of that dbrand leather is thicker On a cheap plastic box. Ragged edges were found all over the case here, and within a few days, I found a bit of leather peeling in the corner. I Not alone in thatalso.

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But things only get worse from there.

My main problem with this case is the fit. On the back half, the case snaps into place with relative comfort, but it’s a bit loose where it meets the hinge area. I can live with that, but it’s the interface that really seals the deal here.

The front half of Bellroy’s Pixel Fold case borders on unusable.

The left side that meets the hinge comes out of place every time I use the phone with my left hand. I constantly find myself getting close to pushing the case every time I open the flip top. And the fit as a whole is so loose that I have absolutely no confidence that the front half won’t fly off on the first drop. And the plastic used here is so fragile that I fully expect it to crack within a few months of use, assuming the case is taken off from time to time.

Much of this can be solved with a light adhesive, which is a method many cases use, but none of that is here. Until then, I’m not sure it will do enough, given its super loose fit.

We asked Bellroy for comment on the issues, and her spokesperson told us the issue is “as intended.” This is supported by messages within the packaging telling users to “avoid pressing on the inner rim” as it can “cause the case to come loose”.

Bellroy’s Pixel Fold case has all the hallmarks of a bad foldable case, and that’s just something I can’t even recommend one bit At the company’s asking price of $75. There are good ideas here, and I adore the blue leather color Bellroy uses, but this needs serious improvements and should be pulled from sale until it’s been completely redesigned.

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Google’s official silicone cover is far, far away. far Best option at $60. I really hope someone can make a good leather case for the Pixel Fold, but Bellroy completely fails in their attempt.

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