June 1, 2023

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The Colts say QB Anthony Richardson will improve with his play

Stephen HolderESPN3 minutes to read

Was Anthony Richardson the right choice for the Colts?

Dan Graziano and Ryan Clark break up the Colts’ decision to recruit Anthony Richardson.

Indianapolis – IN The Indianapolis Colts said they are not committed to a specific fourth draft pick role for Anthony Richardson in 2023. But the more you listen, the clearer it becomes that Richardson will likely see the field sooner rather than later.

When asked about the possibility of Richardson playing early in the season, perhaps as early as Week 1, owner Jim Irsay gave a straightforward answer.

“I think it’s important,” Irsay said. “You’re getting better by playing. I mean, practicing for pre-season games and watching in the midfield, that’s great. But, man, I’ll tell you, he’s going to get better by playing, and that’s something really important because, again, his development.” [is] So many keys to the future of the franchise. It is the crucial key.

“Everyone knows he develops into a great, great player in this league that will determine where we go, how far we go and how long we excel. So, everything is going to depend on that.”

Richardson started only 13 games for Florida, and his lack of experience was a major point of contention for teams scouting him prior to the draft. But the Colts were all in, Irsay said, convinced he could be the answer at quarterback—a position that had been uneasy in Indy for years.

Irsay went so far as to say that the Colts would have thought highly of Richardson with the No. 1 overall pick had they been in the position.

“I always felt Richardson would be the guy we went with early on,” Irsay said. “I mean, early in the process, going back to February.”

Irsay said the decision to play Richardson would rest with coach Shane Station. The Colts signed veteran Gardner Minshew last month and have the option to play him. Minshew is familiar with Steichen’s offense, as the two worked together last season with the Philadelphia Eagles.

But Steichen also admits that Richardson has a tantalizing talent and will benefit from his play.

“I think player development comes with more experience,” Steichen said. “I think when you play more, that’s how you develop.”

It seems Irsay won’t argue with that.

“I know this is one of the main reasons you started [him] “The opener is because it gets better by playing. That’s the biggest benefit of it. And at the same time, I have to say, the fans have to be patient. Because it’s tough. We’ll see what happens, and he can surprise a lot of people,” Erci said.

“But it’s hard. It’s hard, but it’s the way to go.”

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