May 23, 2024

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The Cowboys’ Brett Maher is set to remain a solid player for the 49ers despite the playoff collapse. The insurance team reportedly added

The Cowboys’ Brett Maher is set to remain a solid player for the 49ers despite the playoff collapse.  The insurance team reportedly added

the Dallas Cowboys Play a near perfect match against Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday; Well, except for one player. Brett Maher suffered a complete meltdown one night as he missed four extra points, going 1-for-5 in the Cowboys’ 31-14 win.

Not only was the performance bad, it was historically bad. With the four errors, Maher became the first player in NFL history to miss four extra points in a game.

With each miss, it was clear that the Cowboys were getting more and more frustrated with him on the sidelines. By the time he missed his third kick, Dak Prescott was sulking while Peyton and Eli Manning looked in shock.

It seems that Maher has caught a state of prophecies. Not only did he miss his first four attempts against the Pirates, but he missed his only attempt in Week 18, bringing his streak of consecutive misses to five. However, that streak ended in the fourth quarter on Monday when Maher finally hit an extra point, prompting a loud cheer from the crowd at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

Despite Maher’s historic playoff collapse, the Cowboys plan to stick with him for the divisional playoff round game against 49ers.

“I believe in hot hand, and I definitely believe in points,” said special teams coordinator John Vassell. via ESPN. “You know, sometimes you wonder how you get into the tee, sometimes you wonder how you get back into the hot hand. I think he keeps going to the goal line and shooting that thing. We missed a couple of free throws.” [Monday] …he had a hot hand. Let’s face it, he just missed it [six] kicks all season. Orgasm happens, so I expect a hot hand to come.”

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Dallas adds some insurance, however, with NFL Media Reports They plan to sign Tristan Vizcaino to the training squad, pending a physical. Vizcaino, 26, kicked L.A Arizona Cardinals This season with Matt Prater off the field. In Week 10 against the Los Angeles Rams, he made his field goals and all three extra points. Then join New England Patriotswhere he served as the starting man in Weeks 13 and 16.

In 2018, an undrafted free agent, Vizcaino made 11 of his 12 field goals (47 long) but only 15 of his 20 extra points. Still, don’t expect Vizcaino to see the field unless Maher continues to struggle. .

“We need to get him ready to go [for San Francisco]Coach Mike McCarthy added, via NBCDWF. “We need him. He’s been great for us all year.”

Maher also seems to have the support of his teammates.

One particularly supportive teammate was Dak Prescott.

“I’m a big fan of Money Maher,” Prescott said He said after winning. “I spoke to him one-on-one after the game, and I just said, ‘Let this go, we’re going to need him’ I just played like s–a week ago, so that happened. So I mean that happens. Knowing what this guy did, with the resilience he showed throughout his life Professional. Personally, there is no doubt that he will come back, be perfect and help us win.”

The Cowboys kicker struggled for extra points at times during the regular season, but it didn’t get that bad. Through the 2022 season, he racked up 50 of his 53 extra points, which was good for a 94.3% conversion rate that ranks 22nd for any kicker who has attempted 15 or more extra points.

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Although he couldn’t hit shortstop on Monday, Maher appeared several times throughout the year and had no problem hitting long runs for the Cowboys. Not only has he gone 9 of 11 of 50 yards or more in 2022, but he’s also Holds the NFL record for most field goals 60 yards or more with four. It’s the short stuff that was annoying.

Since the extra point was moved to 33 yards in 2015, some kickers have struggled, but never quite as Maher did Monday night. As a matter of fact, only one other player has missed three extra points in a game over the past seven years and that was Matt Jay, who went 2-for-5 while playing for the Buccaneers in a 35-22 win over hawk In November 2019 (Gay is now playing at rams).

Besides Jay and Maher, you have to go back to 1993 to find a game where a kicker missed three extra points (Roger Ruzek did it while playing for the team. the Eagles), but no one else missed four.

The upside for the Cowboys is that Maher was the only player who really struggled during Dallas’ 31-14 win. The Cowboys destroyed the Buccaneers thanks in large part to the historic big game from Dak Prescott, who scored a franchise record with five total touchdowns.

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