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The Day Before publisher apologizes for the game as refunds open on Steam

The Day Before publisher apologizes for the game as refunds open on Steam

Updated at 5pm UK: Hype Train Digital has confirmed to Eurogamer why the developer on Steam changed The Wild Eight from Fntastic to Eight Points.

The change was made yesterday, which Hype Train confirmed was due to the game receiving negative reviews on Steam following the debacle of The Day Before.

“Fntastic was the original developer of The Wild Eight, but after the game was released in Early Access, the developers decided to stop working on the project for internal reasons within the studio. Hypetrain Digital took over development independently. All commercial relationships with Fntastic were terminated in 2017,” said the response to Eurogamer.

“After the release of The Day Before on December 7, 2023, a wave of negative reviews of The Wild Eight began, unrelated to the game itself but linked to the original development studio Fntastic. Yesterday, we made the decision to remove any mention of developer Fntastic from the game page.”

The original story regarding the previous day and Mytona continues below.

Original story at 12pm UK:Mytona, the publisher of the disastrous zombie MMO The Day Before, has issued an apology for the game and will work with Steam to open up refunds.

Yesterday, developer Fntastic promptly closed its doors, stating that the game “failed financially, and we lack the funds to continue.” This was just days after its release and it quickly received a very negative response from players.

“We regret that the game did not meet the expectations of the majority of players,” said a statement from Mytona, noting that it was an investor in the game.

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“Today we will be working with Steam to open refunds for any players who choose to get a refund. We are in contact with Fntastic regarding the future of the game.”

A post from Fntastic on She also notes that she did not receive any money from the game’s sales.

Eurogamer has contacted Valve for comment on offering refunds on Steam.

Fntastic’s closure had a number of knock-on effects.

At least, the day before is no longer available for purchase on Steam. The game page remains but there is no purchase option. In addition, CEO of Fntastic Eduard Gotovstev has removed his X accountalthough it is not clear why.

The game’s Discord server has also been wiped, Eurogamer can confirm this.

All contents of the Discord server have been erased. | Image credit: Eurogamer

It was also reported that The Wild Eight, which is available on Steam, had its developer changed from Fntastic to Eight Points yesterday, according to SteamDB.

According to that game Kickstarter, the developer was originally Eight Points but changed its name to Fntastic. However, A Rock paper gun An article from 2017 states that The Wild Eight was sold to publisher Hype Train Digital as Fntastic continued production of a new game, Dead Dozen. Developer Eight Points may simply have been incorrectly listed on Steam, but the timing of the change has certainly added to the confusion around Fntastic.

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Eurogamer has contacted Hype Train for clarification.

Upon release on December 7, the previous day had a peak number of concurrent players of 38,104, according to SteamDB. Four days later, the number of concurrent players dropped to 4,768 at midnight on December 11. This represents a decrease in player numbers of more than 87 percent and has declined further since then.

It had been a chaotic launch and finale for the previous day, which had been mired in controversy from the start. Fntastic has repeatedly refuted claims that the game was a scam, although its release did little to change players’ minds.