April 23, 2024

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The death of 23-year-old Argentina dictator in Brazil has come as a shock

A Dictoker The 23-year-old Argentine, known for his comments on astrology and his book reviews on this social network, died while on vacation with friends. FlorianopolisBrazil.

About Valeria Sylvester The victim is a Heart attack On top of a bus, on the way to the tour. “They tried to revive her, she looked like she was snoring, she did not wake up,” her cousin Milena Garcia said on social media.

He further added: “She was on a bus. I was asleep. Friends try to wake her up, but they can’t. When they call an ambulance they start doing CPR to revive her. They took her to a hospital where they told her she was out. He suffered a heart attack and left us.

The young woman also dedicated a farewell post to Valeria on Instagram. “Mom I love you. I miss you, I will never forget the moments we lived in. All these 23 years you have been, even though I was angry at you for taking off your clothes, you made the whole family and my life happy. Hahaha, God, I have not fallen yet. I love you, I miss you, I will always do that, ”he said.

Valeria Sylvester suffered a heart attack during a cruise.Instagram

In recent days, the young woman has been sharing photos and videos with her friends at various beaches in Florianopolis. Valeria’s Networks – Dictok had more than 405,000 followers And more than 75,000 on Instagram – filled with messages from relatives and those who viewed their content daily, expressing shock at their departure. “I did not fall”; “I do not think so”, some comments.

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One of her best friends, Augustina, reminded her of a moving message on social media: “We have been friends with Vail for many years. We met in El Talar when we were 10 years old. She played with fuchsia tights and orange long sleeves. A princess was embroidered in a track suit. She was always beautiful and shy. As soon as he was confident, he forgot the shame. Well, it was a mess. She was on the verge of graduation and was interested in the work she was studying. Since I’m going to get a good salary, I know we should definitely call those who are studying in embarrassing jobs. He knew it, and it did not bother him, because one of Vale’s qualities was his generosity. Vail took what he had to give you. I never saw him as stingy with anything like dress, money, affection.

Photo by TikTok / @valesilvestree
Photo by TikTok / @valesilvestree

The young woman was studying October at the University of Buenos Aires (UPA). In his Instagram description, he wrote the word “journey” with an emoji representing the face of love.

With nearly 400,000 followers and more than 13 million “likes”, Valeria Sylvester was very active on this platform, which is characterized by dynamic videos and various themes. Except for adding a few The challenge Or propose yours Valeria became very famous for her content related to the world of literature and astrology..

OK even if recommended Books I read Or who I thought they were not worth it.Played with classic archetypes surrounding the signs of the zodiac: “You understand that this is Gemini, because …”,”Signs of fire“The”I want a beautiful boom”. His videos of always looking at the camera and sharing honest opinions were so much fun, intimate and easily communicated. Led to hundreds of followers sharing and commenting on all of his videos.

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