April 22, 2024

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The determination order and lottery odds have been updated after the tiebreaker graphics

The determination order and lottery odds have been updated after the tiebreaker graphics

The NBA took a step toward determining its 2023 draft order on Monday.

The league held a tiebreaker for teams that finished with the same record during the regular season. Various tiebreaker winners either see their chances of being picked #1 in the lottery improve or are better positioned in the back half of the first round when they finish in the standings.

NBA Connections Share different tie-breaking results:

  • The Houston Rockets defeated the San Antonio Spurs in a tiebreaker
  • The Indiana Pacers beat the Washington Wizards in a tiebreaker
  • The Chicago Bulls defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder in a tiebreaker
  • The Miami Heat defeated the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers in a tiebreaker. The Warriors then beat the Clippers in a tiebreaker for second of that series
  • The Phoenix Suns defeated the Brooklyn Nets in a tiebreaker
  • The Memphis Grizzlies beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in a tiebreaker

Here’s a look at the updated selection ranking and sweepstakes odds:

The draft lottery is May 16th and the lights will be brighter than they usually are this year.

This is because Victor Wimbanyama is the prize awaiting the winner.

He was done described as the best prospect since LeBron James several times, with former ESPN’s Brian Windhorst say CEOs haven’t been this “excited” about someone in the draft since the Kings finished first in 2003.

Even James himself to reporters Wimpanyama is a “talent of a generation”.

What makes the prospect unique is the combination of height and skills. He’s 7’3″ but has the ability to keep defenders out, dribble and shoot from the outside with silky-smooth shooting from three-point range. His wings also help him protect the edge when defending, but he has the necessary athleticism to keep the ball on the outside as well.

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Any team that wins the draft lottery can be set up for the next decade or more with one of the best players in the league if it comes close to living up to expectations.

Those future championships could be decided by this year’s lottery making Monday’s tiebreaker all the more significant, even if the difference is somewhat small for those involved.