April 13, 2024

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The FIA ​​issues a statement regarding the Red Bull Formula 1 Team's investigation into Horner

The FIA ​​issues a statement regarding the Red Bull Formula 1 Team's investigation into Horner

The sport's governing body did not indicate the details of the matter, but explained that it is committed to “the highest standards of integrity, fairness and inclusiveness within sport.”

The statement comes two weeks after news of the internal investigation was first published in the media.

Initial stories revealed that Horner was the subject of an investigation by Austrian parent company Red Bull GmbH following unspecified allegations of misconduct by a female employee, with the team manager denying any wrongdoing.

The investigation focused on an interview conducted by an independent lawyer on behalf of Red Bull on 9 February. Horner then appeared at the launch of the new RB20 in Milton Keynes on February 15.

The day after the launch, further media speculation about the nature of the allegations highlighted the issue, which subsequently sparked reactions from two of the sport's key stakeholders.

In a statement provided to Motorsport.com on Monday, the FIA ​​said: “With regard to the independent investigation currently being conducted by Red Bull GmbH, the FIA ​​reiterates that until the investigation is completed and the outcome is known, we will not be commenting further.” .

“The FIA ​​remains committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, fairness and inclusivity within the sport,” he added.

The FIA's position is also stated in Article 12.2.1f of the International Sporting Code, which makes it a potential crime “any words, acts or writings that cause damage or moral loss to the FIA, its bodies, members or executive officers”. “More generally, in the interest of motorsport and in the values ​​​​that the FIA ​​stands for.”

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Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing, and Mohamed Bin Sulayem, President of the FIA, talk in the pit lane.

Photography: Mark Sutton / Motorsport pictures

As previously reported on Sunday evening, Formula 1 issued its first comment on the matter, suggesting it wants to see an early resolution.

“We have noted that Red Bull has initiated an independent investigation into internal allegations at Red Bull Racing,” it said in a statement.

He added: “We hope that the matter will be clarified as soon as possible, after a fair and comprehensive process, and we will not comment further at this time.”

Formula 1's statement follows earlier comments from Ford, the company working with Red Bull Powertrains to create a new engine for the Red Bull and RB teams in 2026.

In what was the first comment from a Red Bull partner on the matter, Ford Performance Motorsport global president Mark Rushbrook said the manufacturer was monitoring the situation.

“As a family business, and a company that holds itself to very high standards of conduct and integrity, we expect the same from our partners,” Rushbrook told the AP.

“It seems to us, and what we have been told, that Red Bull is taking the situation very seriously. And of course, they are concerned about their brand as well.

He added: “That is why they conducted an independent investigation, and until we see the truth that will emerge from this, it is too early for us to comment on everything.”

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