March 4, 2024

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The first Steam Deck competitor with SteamOS is almost here

The first Steam Deck competitor with SteamOS is almost here

The first non-Valve device with SteamOS pre-installed is about to ship: Ayaneo just announced its next gaming laptop, the Next Lite, running the open source operating system.

Ayaneo is promoting the Next Lite as a cost-effective option, but we don't know much about the device yet or how much it will cost. It has a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 800 pixels, a 47-watt-hour battery, and a Hall effect joystick, according to “The Verge.” Ayaneo blog post. The company also advertises “vibrant colors” including a beautiful green hue and “quality craftsmanship.”

But we don't know yet what chip powers the mobile device, so it's difficult to know how its performance compares to other devices.

I like the orange buttons too.
Photo: Ayanyu

Not listing the price seems like a major omission if it's being marketed as a potentially cheaper option than other mobile devices on the market. It could go up against Valve's remaining $349 Steam Decks, while the current Ayaneo Next sells for $1,315.

The company announces that mobile “subscriptions” will open Thursday evening, creating the potential for a different pricing approach than a one-time purchase or crowdfunding. If you're interested, these subscriptions will be available at 9:30 PM ET on January 11th On the Ayaneo website. If you want to see how we like other Ayaneo laptops, check out our reviews of the Ayaneo Next and Ayaneo 2.

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