April 13, 2024

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The German Navy almost shot down an American drone over the Red Sea – Reports – DW – 02/28/2024

The German Navy almost shot down an American drone over the Red Sea – Reports – DW – 02/28/2024

a German naval frigate Sent to protect merchant ships in The Red Sea German media reported on Wednesday that the German Air Force almost shot down an American drone by mistake.

What do we know so far?

the German Ministry of Defence It confirmed a drone incident involving an allied country on Monday, without naming the country.

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius The frigate Hessen, which arrived in the region at the weekend as part of a European Union mission to help secure international shipping from attacks, said The Houthis in Yemen supported by IranHe opened fire after “efforts to identify the unknown drone failed.”

“The case was resolved when it was determined that it was not an enemy drone, which did not become clear until it was too late,” department spokesman Michael Stempfel said.

Fortunately, two missiles fired at the drone missed their target and crashed into the sea due to a “technical glitch,” according to news magazine Der Spiegel, which also claimed that the drone in question was an American Reaper reconnaissance drone.

What was the American drone doing in the area?

Without citing its sources, Spiegel speculated that the drone may have been in the area “as part of a US counterterrorism mission” unrelated to the Red Sea mission, but said that military officials believe the friendly fire incident demonstrated that coordination between the allies involved in the various missions in Surrounding area Yemen “Needs improvement.”

newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung He added, “It is known that American drones are being used in the region and have nothing to do with the operation in the Red Sea.”

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The ship Hessen, with a crew of 240 German soldiers and sailors, was more fortunate on Wednesday when it succeeded in shooting down two Houthi drones within 15 minutes.

The ship Hessen arrived in the Red Sea the weekend after The German Parliament approved its participation On the mission on Friday, according to the German military.

Pistorius said on Wednesday that “it turned out to be correct to send the frigate at the beginning of February so that it could begin operations… immediately after the mandate was determined.”

Can Africa benefit from the Red Sea crisis?

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