March 25, 2023

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The head of the US Southern Command has warned of China’s expansion in South America

Laura Richardson, head of the US Southern Command, on China’s influence in Latin America

General Laura RichardsonChairman US Southern CommandMentioned that China “Expanding Its Influence” Inside South America And the Caribbean, as well “Handler” their governments through “predatory investment practices”. This was warned during his presentation to the local House of Representatives last week.

As Richardson elaborated in his presentation, the Asian giant’s government “continually expands its economic, diplomatic, technological, informational and informational spheres. Military In Latin America and the Caribbean”.

China “has Capacity and intention“Your kind of advertising Dictatorship “We want to amass power and influence at the expense of these democracies,” the head of the US Southern Command told an Armed Services Committee hearing on America’s security challenges.

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Richardson, the company noted AFPHe also pointed out that China has “expanded its ability to extract resources, establish ports, manipulate governments through predatory investment practices, and build dual-use space facilities.”

The General further noted scenery Asian corporations operate in the region and Latin American leaders are “desperate for them,” he told members of Congress. Economies”, they are in a hurry, as they are usually in the same position, after being completely affected by the onslaught of the epidemic.

“When nothing else is available, there is no Western or international investment and there are no bidders in exit tenders, when there are big projects for critical infrastructure and there are only Chinese bidders … they have no choice,” Richardson told Congress. Last Wednesday.

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“Russia – a serious threat – strengthens authoritarian regimes Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela and continues its extensive disinformation campaign,” the general added, adding: “These actions undermine democracy and challenge our credibility.”

Richardson criticized the effects of the Belt and Road Initiative, also known as the New Silk Road, a global infrastructure development strategy launched by Beijing. At a time when Latin American countries are “trying to get out of the hole,” China appears to be pouring billions of dollars into big projects that “seem like investments but are all in critical infrastructure.”

“Amazing in Space, The Telecommunication and deep water ports. “You have to ask yourself why,” said the General fervently.

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As he points out, both Russia as China “Exploit the presence of transnational criminal organizations and increase their destabilizing influence on democratic governments.”

Richardson noted that the southern cone, also called “Lithium Triangle” Accumulates “60% of the world’s lithium”. “There’s Argentina, Bolivia and Chile [nuestros adversarios] They are taking resources from these countries, from people who are trying to produce, from these democracies who are trying to contribute to their people,” he explained. Merco Press.

In that vein, he added: “When you talk to the US ambassadors in Chile and Argentina and the companies there, China’s aggressiveness and their play with lithium is very advanced and very aggressive.”

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