June 18, 2024

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The horror story of the author who was found buried in the wall of his house in Kazika

Gamaliel Enrique Alvarez was found dead and buried in his own home in Kazika, Kundinamarka.

Kazika is a small municipality located about an hour ‘s drive from Bogot, known as a must stop during the glorious train journey to Savannah or during its rich tribal history, thanks to sites such as Montepincio, which are still preserved as symbols of ancient peoples. Of the place.

Despite its silence, its own story emerged this November 30th Horror stories by Edgar Allan Poe. A young dance teacher was found dead and buried in the wall of his house.

It was started by a neighbor of dancer Gamaliel Enrique Alvarez Ballet And a music instructor complained to the police that a strange smell was coming from the young teacher’s house.

It was then that on November 26 the Kajika National Police After being approved by the family, the process of entering Alvarez’s residence began.

What officials and family did not expect was that some changes had recently been made to the kitchen counter, with Alvarez’s body buried in a cement mixture.

A friend of the victim described the horror scene to Karakal Radio and confirmed, “When they started to break down, the characteristic smell of a dead person really came out.”

The author’s family believes he was buried in his own home for more than two months because at first they did not suspect anything because he lived alone and responded to WhatsApp messages from time to time.

In the news, According to a neighbor who spoke to Caracol Radio, he mentioned that he was traveling or meeting close relatives on the Colombian coast.

In those WhatsApp messages it was always said that he was traveling with relatives living on the beach or that he went to France. Also, as the news came that he was going to travel for a few months, please add the rent to his account.

The CTI is investigating existing clues and is already talking about a suspect who is close to the victim because he is the one. He had the keys, handled Gamaliel’s bank accounts, and this time he was holding the dancer’s cell phone.

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“He (the victim) is not the type to give bank accounts to anyone, he is less likely to give the keys to anyone.“The victim’s friend said.

For now, those in Kazika are asking that the cause of death of Gamaliel Enrique Alvarez be clarified and that the truth behind the crime that terrorized Kazikunos be known.

Last June, a group of citizens, businessmen and transport businessmen expressed their dissatisfaction with the mayor of Kazika over the increased insecurity in the municipality.

In a letter to the municipal government and the local police command, the group raised serious concerns about how the security event, which affects the peace of citizens, is being handled.

Some of the crimes reported in the letter were “street and residential theft, so-called ‘glass breakers’, rape, inter-municipal robbery and in some cases personal injuries”.

They pointed out that population growth in the municipality, along with the Govt-19 epidemic and other external factors, could be one of the reasons for the insecurity.

“This accelerated development process increases social problems, insecurity and the lack of opportunities in some communities,” they stressed in the letter.

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