December 5, 2023

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The Israeli army is preparing to intensify fighting by surrounding another town in northern Gaza

The Israeli army is preparing to intensify fighting by surrounding another town in northern Gaza

The number of Israeli soldiers killed during the fighting in Gaza has risen to nearly 70

The toll is in addition to more than 320 soldiers killed by Palestinian Islamist group attacks against Israeli territory, according to a tally provided by officials (REUTERS)

He Israeli army This Tuesday indicates that nearly 70 soldiers have been killed since the beginning of the military offensive after the attacks against the Gaza Strip. October 7 Almost 1,200 people have been killed and more than 240 kidnapped by the Hamas terrorist movement.

Thus, in the last few hours, he released the names and ranks of two more soldiers who were “killed in action” on Tuesday. Gaza Strip”, the center of ground operations of the Israeli army, which bombarded the entire enclave for more than 40 days.

The deceased have been identified as Capt Arnon Moshe Avraham Benvenisti WaspiKivati ​​is an officer of the Brigade’s Reconnaissance Battalion and Sgt. Ilya SengoA soldier of the Rotam Battalion of the same regiment.

In this way, they sum 68 Israeli soldiers have been killed in combat since the start of the assault on Gaza. The toll is in addition to more than 320 soldiers killed in attacks by the Palestinian Islamist group against the Israeli border, according to a tally provided by officials.

Israel surrounds the town of Jabalia in northern Gaza and prepares to intensify fighting

The Israeli military fired a Hamas rocket launcher into central Israel on Monday (REUTERS) early Tuesday morning.

The Israel Defense Forces Confirmed that their 162nd Division had completed the encirclement Jabaliyain northern Gaza, and is ready Deepen the fight.

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In a report compiled by The Times of Israel The 215th Artillery Regiment and the Air Force launched heavy attacks on Jabaliya to “prepare the field for battle”.

The Israeli military said three tunnel entrances on the outskirts of the region, with Hamas operatives inside, were hit.

According to the IDF statement, agents of the Armored Brigade and the Nahal Infantry Division fought with air support against Hamas fighters on the outskirts of Jabaliya.

Troops of other special forces also participated in the operation, working to pave the way for divisional manoeuvres.

In the operation, Israeli forces killed several Hamas militants, confiscated weapons and destroyed tunnels.

Israeli military launches new airstrikes against more than 250 Hamas targets in Gaza

The Israeli military launched new airstrikes against more than 250 Hamas targets in Gaza. REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko

The Israeli army launched an attack in the early hours of this Tuesday A Hamas rocket launcher who opened fire on central Israel on Monday.

As reported The Times of IsraelThe Israel Defense Forces explained that The launcher was placed near a residential building Also, after the attack, the women and children who were sheltering there fled the area.

The IDF added that airstrikes were also carried out against another 250 Hamas targets earlier in the week, including agents, rocket launchers and infrastructure.

After Netanyahu and Biden’s statements about hostages in Gaza, Hamas agreed to reach a ceasefire.

After Biden and Netanyahu’s announcements, the terror group Hamas said they were “closer to reaching a peace deal.”

The leader of the Hamas terror group said on Tuesday he was “closer” to a deal in the war against Israel that would free dozens of hostages held by the Palestinian group.

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Islamic Movement leader Ismail Haniyeh announced in a message posted on Telegram.