January 31, 2023

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The latest generation iPad is priced at $80, $200 less than the newer model

The latest products may be worth the price hike if you get cooler features and dramatically better performance than the last-gen version offered. In the case of Apple’s entry-level iPad released in October 2022, the model that was introduced was Before It’s easier to recommend to most people—even more so when the total cost is $200 less. at best buy, iPad of the ninth generation with a capacity of 64 GB he $249.99 in gray or silvera deal that cuts $80 off the original cost.

Compared to the 10th generation model, it doesn’t have a USB-C connector, an overhaul of the iPad Air’s design with a larger screen, or a selfie camera located in the middle (ideal for landscape use/laptop mode). However, it’s still one of the fastest tablets available for this price, and it can run almost any app or game on the App Store. It works with the same Apple Pencil (1st generation), too. Well, $200 less.

It’s another random day on the calendar, so Google has once again slashed the prices of its 2022 Pixel line of phones to their (almost) lowest prices. the Pixel 7 It sits at $499 ($100 off) at Amazon And best buythe The Pixel 7 Pro is bigger and more visually striking It’s $749 (US$150) through Amazon And best buyand the Small pixel 6A is $349. These deals match our best prices ever, except for the Pixel 6A, which commonly sold for $299 unlocked before, so maybe hold off on that unless you really need a phone right now.

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The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are Google’s most refined phones yet, improving on the controversial camera bar design introduced with the Pixel 6 by shrinking it down and covering it in a more premium metal (it’s a matte finish on the Pixel 6 or glossy on the Pixel 7 Pro). . Just like all the Pixel phones that came before it, it stands out in the photography department. Our reviewer Allison Johnson took some great shots with them. Read the full review.

This is just another reminder that through January 22nd, you can get an awesome $20 off A Symfonisk bookshelf speaker from Ikea developed alongside Sonos. The black and white models are still available for $99.99, despite checking the shipping details of the local Ikea. This item may not currently be eligible for shipping, so you may need to pick it up at the store.

The Symfonisk range of speakers designed by Ikea can be added to your Sonos speaker range, adding more rooms to stream your music or adding more channels to your home theater to surround yourself with.