July 21, 2024

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The Meta is inexplicably shutting down one of Oculus’ best games

The Meta is inexplicably shutting down one of Oculus’ best games

We called it a cross between the battle school of the ender game The ultimate frisbee. We shot it Final Fantasy X Blitzball meets virtual reality. I’ve made two of the best VR gaming lists — three, if you count the list I’ve made to Cnet before returning to the edge. It convincingly suspends you in the body of a robot inhabiting a zero-gravity arena, where you have to use your wrist jets, obstacles, teammates, and even enemies to catapult yourself to victory. Until I become own esport.

but now, VR echo (née Echo Arena) is killed by Meta (née Facebook). Facebook bought its developer Ready At Dawn in 2020, after making VR echo One of the main games For Meta Quest (née Oculus Quest) and Launch Rift S. Meta will not offer any refunds on in-app purchases, in-game currency, or DLC.

in a blog post Ready At Dawn says this purports to be “open and communicative,” and the reason is… well, it actually doesn’t give any good reasons! “This decision was by no means made lightly. But it was made for many good reasons, the main one being the studio meeting to focus on our next project.”

That’s it. That, and the ability to keep playing (and its FPS counterpart Fighting echo) until August 1st, 2023 at 10am PST, when the servers will be permanently shut down. It also unlocks a bunch of in-game rewards if you play a match.

I don’t think “yes” is the right word. A frequently asked question about turning off Ready At Dawn.
Screenshot by Sean Hollister / The Verge

It will never be clear to me why companies shut down their perfectly good games because they decide they can no longer “support” them. If it’s good, keep it! There are much worse things that Meta keeps pouring money into.

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I will admit I didn’t play as much VR echo As I would like, because I could never get my friends to buy a VR headset and play virtual reality games, nor did I enjoy playing this amazing team-based game with the kids I usually find there. The phenomenon of foul-mouthed child Not unique to him echo VR, anywayAs for.

See you at zero-ing August 1st, I guess? And remember: the enemy gate has fallen.