December 3, 2023

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The Minecraft Trails and Tales update reveals three new achievements on Xbox

The Minecraft Trails and Tales update reveals three new achievements on Xbox

The next major Minecraft content update, Trails and Tales, is here, and we’ve now picked three new achievements for the survival sandbox game from Mojang.

The long-awaited Minecraft Trails and Tales update is now out and brings with it a bunch of new content for the game as well as three brand new Minecraft achievements to unlock. The Trails and Tales update adds a new cherry area to explore, two new mobs (the camel and the sniffer), bamboo and cherry wood combos, a new artifact feature, and much more. According to Mojang, the new olfactory mob is a gentle giant that once went extinct. You’ll need to get him back to the Overworld by finding and hatching his eggs. Sunbathers will help you smell the seeds of ancient plants: the torch flower and the pitcher plant.

To find sniffer eggs, Mojang says, you’ll need to dig in the sand “to find buried rubble and use the new brush tool to uncover treasures in suspicious sand and blocks of suspicious gravel.” Lucky players will find “a useful tool, a sniffing egg, or a pottery shard”. Finding four sherds makes a vase, and each pot seems to have its own story to tell.

Below, you’ll find the new Trails and Tales achievements for the Xbox console version of the game, but we’ve now selected them for Minecraft (Windows), Minecraft (Nintendo Switch), Minecraft (iOS), Minecraft (Android) and Minecraft (Kindle Fire).

Minecraft Achievements Tracks and Tales

There are three achievements worth a total of 50 Gamerscore, and none of them are secret.

Would you return to Minecraft to achieve these three achievements? Let us know!