December 5, 2023

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The new teasers Nothing Phone 1 gives us a little glimpse into the phone

Nothing Phone 1 teaser Twitter

Despite this, new teasers for Phone 1 do not appear very often

The none phone 1 It’s been teased constantly over the past few months, and it’s clear that the brand will continue to give us a little look at the phone ahead of the big reveal on July 12. View a small overview of the phone. These new teasers come straight from Twitter account nothing, but the phone is not clear in both shots. Instead, the harassment is strangely focused on the birds.

The bottom edge of the first teaser image shows the top of the phone, where the birds are sitting. The tagline says out of nothing, “Curious? So are they,” so we can almost be sure this is a teaser for the upcoming phone. We see the top camera on the back, and the design resembles an iPhone with rounded corners. We can also see antenna bands along the top of the device, which leads us to believe it will have a metallic back. Previous design leaks focused on a black version of the phone, but this looks like a shade of white instead.


This design matches the leaked images we’ve seen of the phone, which makes us think it might be accurate with the camera module on the top left corner of the back of the phone. We do not know for sure what other cameras we will see here, but the leaks indicated that there will be three cameras with a 50-megapixel primary camera, an 8-megapixel secondary camera, and a third 2-megapixel camera on the back.

The second teaser, which you see above, landed a day later on June 14, and we saw the left edge of the back of the smartphone. This is more limited to what it shows about the phone. Some have started grouping these motivational sentences together in graphs, like below, to give us a better idea of ​​the overall look.

In just under a month, we’ll hear all about Nothing Phone 1. The company is hosting a launch event on July 12 at 11AM ET/2PM PT/4PM GMT. Previous leaks stated that the phone will go on sale on July 21, and some believe it will cost around 500 euros in Europe. That’s about $525 at current exchange rates, so expect a similar mid-range rate in the US.

Update: 06/14/2022 09:02 EDT Posted by James Beckham

A new teaser out of nothing with a similarly depressing look

Nothing revealed joke again From the phone, which is the left edge of the back of the phone. However, it still does not show us much of the device.

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