July 19, 2024

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The new version of Riven is better than Myst

The new version of Riven is better than Myst
Zoom in / The same stunning scenery returns in torn remake.

Samuel Exon

New version of Torn: A Sequel to the Mystery It was released this week, by the developers of the original game. It strikes a great balance between re-creation and novelty, and based on a few hours of playing with it, it’s a huge success.

Mist This was the classic that most people remember fondly from the early CD era, but for me, it was its sequel, tornThe movie was the highlight. After that, the quality of the subsequent parts declined. The second movie was the peak.

It was definitely more ambitious than mysterious. Instead of a handful of tightly packed park worlds, it offered a unique, cohesive world that felt lived-in and steeped in history in a way Mist It can’t match exactly.

Interesting offer

This was thanks to the excellent art direction and also to its distinctive musical score.

For the most part, the remake succeeds in achieving both of these things. While the original game was similar to the first game, mysterious Where you had to tap to navigate between still images to explore the game world, the new version follows the 2020 version. mysterious Remake (and the often forgotten 2000 realMyst) in giving the player full action, similar to contemporary first-person puzzle games such as outlet, witnessor Talos PrincipleSince it’s easy to recreate many of the original camera angles this way, it would have been nice if there had been an option to control the game as you did in the original, but I can understand why that wasn’t a priority.

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The environments are just as atmospheric and detailed as they were before.
Zoom in / The environments are just as atmospheric and detailed as they were before.

Samuel Exson

It just so happens that current graphics hardware does a great job of replicating previous still images in full 3D. (There’s also VR support, though I haven’t tried it yet.) And the music is as good as ever.

There are only two downsides on the presentation front. First, I’ve heard that people using older hardware may have difficulty achieving satisfactory accuracy and performance. I played it on both an M1 Max MacBook Pro and a Windows 11 desktop with an AMD Ryzen 9 5900X and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080. The MacBook Pro ran the game at max settings at the laptop’s native resolution at around 30 frames per second. . The desktop did the same thing at 4K at 120fps. But both are advanced, modern machines, so your mileage may vary.

Second, the original game’s full-motion video displays have been replaced by full, video game-like 3D characters. It’s a necessary concession, but I feel like some of his personality is lost. They did a pretty good job of matching the movements of the original videos.