May 22, 2024

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The Oddities of War in the Middle East | Comment

The Oddities of War in the Middle East |  Comment

He Iran attacks Israel It predictably produced minimal material damage and nothing more. The CNN website, not suspecting Shiite sympathies, said “the Tehran operation was highly choreographed, apparently designed to minimize casualties and maximize spectacle.”.Later in the same post, the whole operation “seemed designed to fail: when Iran launched its killer drones 1,000 kilometers from its own territory, it warned Israel hours in advance.” A rare instance of a warfighter warning his enemy that he was about to be targeted. However, this is just one of the many oddities that occur in the region.

So far, 1,500 Hamas fighters have crossed the world's best and best-protected border, infiltrated Israeli territory, kidnapped more than 250 people and killed an undetermined number before returning. Persecuted to their base camps in Gaza. Undoubtedly, one of the great mysteries of modern warfare and an insurmountable failure for the Israeli security services.

One thing is certain: the Israeli far-right regime has been unleashed. Even Joe Biden can't control the butcher of Tel Aviv. It not only bombed Palestinians indiscriminately, but also machine-gunned a World Central Kitchen (WCK) convoy on April 3, killing 7 volunteers bringing food to refugees. Two days earlier, on April 1, he gave free rein to his violent impulses and bombed the Iranian consulate in Damascus. Sixteen people have been killed so far in an attack ordered by a man whom President Milley sees as a bulwark in defense of Western values. Of course, these values ​​also seem to include genocide, which is invoked by the Israeli Prime Minister with the approval of the majority of leaders of the “democratic” West and as a parallel to what happened with Hitler. , with the media oligarchs in charge of misinforming us and manipulating the masses.

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These leaders were “immobilized” in the face of a flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention, which included the Israeli regime's inviolability of embassies and embassies and the immunity of the people there. Bibi cared little for such trifles as those referred to by that convention which were the basis of diplomatic work. A few days later, the Western leadership's scandalized silence was broken when the Ecuadorian government ordered a violent raid on the Mexican embassy in Quito. and the kidnapping of former Vice President George Klaus, who was taking refuge there. This barbaric outrage was quickly and forcefully condemned by Washington and its staff: the OAS and the most servile European governments, a barbaric act that violated international law. clear, Ecuador is not Israel and Noboa Netanyahu is not. Although the first man did not kill anyone, the circumstances were to be condemned rather than mitigated. The second has all the immunity for its crimes, which is why the decadent “collective West” condemns the one and condones the other. What's more, Iran is denounced as a “terrorist state,” a magnificent factory of lies that answers imperial capitalism. According to the declaration of the dominant powers of the international system, the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation, Argentina's most discredited judiciary – which only 12% of people trust according to a recent survey – is worthy of Iran.

Such a concrete definition of said room deserves a brief mention. How many defenseless people have been slaughtered by Iranian missiles, how many children, how many hospitals they have destroyed with their weapons, how many schools, how many universities, how many cities they have destroyed. It would be good to know. If it's not obvious, they never committed those crimes. On the other hand, the country that today our irresponsible president regards as a beacon of Western values ​​has so far killed around 34,000 defenseless Palestinians, 15,000 of them children, and an estimated 8,000 Gazans lying on the ground. Ruins of Gaza. Also, the Israeli regime destroyed 30 hospitals, nearly 400 schools and 12 existing universities in Gaza, and bombed people queuing to get food or escape the carnage.

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Nevertheless, Israel remains a shining star of democracy in the Middle East, while Iran is a dark autocracy. One final fact: The Netanyahu regime, thanks to financial and military support from the West, has an arsenal of 90 nuclear weapons, Iran has none.. Not only that: Israel is one of the three nuclear powers, along with India and Pakistan, that have not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.. In short, the false narrative of Washington and its supporters, Israel, on this matter does not bear the slightest scrutiny. If there is a threat of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, that danger comes from Israel, not from Iran, which does not have them.

One last comment on the circus “crisis team” hastily assembled by Miley for a country designated by our president as a target for potential attacks of international terrorism. It exposes the incompetence of the person at Casa Rosada and his advisors and endangers the Jewish community and the rest of the country without the resources to develop a comprehensive security plan for temples and communities because the only thing Miley said was “no money.” If this is true, if not false, how would you finance the essential strengthening of the safety of these facilities and the people who go there, as they require various equipment, personnel and resources?

If you don't have the money for the fuel to train Air Force pilots, where are you going to get the resources to protect us from potential terrorist attacks? Also, does this outdated economist believe that Elon Musk and his cronies, according to its president, will flock to invest in the radar of international terrorism? Apparently, the man speaks for the sake of speaking, and he speaks without rhyme or reason. In short, listing all the absurdities and absurdities of the ruling actors with a deeply reactionary identity would be an endless exercise. For the time being, we ask the President to say nothing more, to end his abuses motivated to cover up the collapse of the Argentine economy, and not to endanger the safety of the suffering people of this country. Contrary to the fact that makes us scapegoats Not ours, a war we never declared.

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