April 14, 2024

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The person who denied the infection wanted to get a health pass and was vaccinated in the wrong hand

At first, he believed the person had given him the wrong hand because of a severance, so in order not to push him into an embarrassing situation he asked another, health worker Philippa Pav, explained to Courier Della. செரா.

When she saw him showing the silicone hand “exactly like the other”, she realized that the person was trying to give the drug to the fake hand.

“I immediately realized that the person in front of me was trying to avoid the vaccine using a silicone prosthesis in which he expected me to inject him without my knowledge.” Explained.

When found, he tried to persuade her to “ignore it” and she refused to continue the concert, calling her superiors. Finally, the man admitted that he had tried to deceive them into obtaining a new reinforced health certificate, which can only be given to those who have been vaccinated or have the disease, and that it is necessary to access the interiors of bars and restaurants from next Monday. Leisure and public buildings.

Local health officials reported the incident to the police, who reported the incident to the attorney’s office.

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